Clyde Gabehcoud is the deceased brother of Eric Gabehcoud. He was the spotlight of the school, having made many pals before his death during the Centurion Theft.


Clyde is, Despite his reversed last name, one of the least douchebaggy people you could meet. In fact, he could be a described as a more assertive Butters Stotch.

As the vigilante Dylce (Dial-See), Clyde acts WAY more aggressive, especially toward villains. However, the choice to catch an antagonist or save a friend always seems to end with the latter.


Clyde Gabehcoud's death was untimely, being caused during the Centurion Theft. So far, the only thing that could be used as evidence that he is dead is his bloody jacket.

Many RBIS students have witnessed the truck run over Clyde, Either Live, like Tweek and Eric, or from the news, like Wendy and Craig.

Quotes on his Death

There are quite a few shocked witnesses and even more Quotes taken from newspapers and school gossip.

Each of this has been recorded by the biggest douche of all time: Kyle Testaburger, so there is a chance that some of the quotes are edited to his favor. Beware of any quotes that sound like Eric Cartman.

"YES! YES!!!!! Finally!!!! The local Jew is dead! The local Jew is dead!" - Steven Condio


  • Despite his caring behavior, Clyde swears more than Craig, but is second to Eric Cartman, Craig and Tweek's cousin.
  • Clyde appears to be the only other person to wear a pacemaker.
  • Clyde has a WHOLE STASH of My little Pony discs in his closet.
  • His favorite swear word is from South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. The swear is "RESPECK MAH F*CKING AUTHORITAH!"
  • He is the author of "The Wonders of Armor: Guide to Catalyst and the other Illusion Robots"
  • Clyde is one of the Thrashers, Robot Handlers that control Illusion Robots.
  • Just before he died, his will states that the Catalyst Illusion Robot would be given to his younger bro.
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