Name: Clash "The Raging Barbarian Robot"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Handler: Taylor Srinwest

Origin: Australia

Special Features: Asymmetrical Assembly, and Retracting Whip And Shield

Special Move: Barbarian Ages

Ripoff: Destructive Rage

Robot Frame: Ultra Cypher Titanium Mega Frame-26391

Power Core: Recon Power 10 Ultra Quad Power Core

Motherboard: Giga Hyper Retcon-39173 Serial

Controller: G3 High Class Surge Controller

Opening Line: The Barabarian In The Future Past, The Raging Barbarian, CLASH!

Closing Line: With rage winning over technique, he strikes again, CLASH


Clash was made originally made in Australia, he was made for brutal fights, he was in Rage Palace, which was the Australia version of Crash Palace, but one fight made the difference, his motherboard and power core was pulled out by a robot called ShockHead, Clash's owner was broke and did not have enough money and sold him whole in the junkyard, till he was found by Blake Herman, Denster's owner, he reversed engineered Clash, and found out that he had a whip and a shield, so he put them on and restored him, eventually Clash was won by Taylor Srinwest, Showoff's owner, and is now his current owner.


Strength: 93/100

Speed: 79/100

Intelligence: 85/100

Special Move: 90/100 (OP when he uses the whip)


So, heres how it goes, season 1 is just one episode, but I will try to make them longer, and please do not make a SINGLE edit without any permission, if you want to edit this, feel free to send me a message. Thanks alot and have fun reading!

Season 1: The Start of the Clash

Season 2: ??

Season 1: The Start of the Clash

Taylor was bored and he wanted to test Clash, so he activated Showoff and Clash and put Showoff in Adaptive Fight Code, then he runs quickly to Clash's controller, Showoff's AI recognizes Clash and starts heading straight for him, Clash lands a uppercut and two jabs at Showoff, Showoff jumps up high and punched Clash, this bruised him a bit but Clash gives Showoff a beating, it was left jab, uppercut, right hook, double uppercut then does the last punch, this knocks Showoff down and his Adaptive Fight Code ends, Taylor said, "Wow! Good thing I took that Tribound Challenge! I think I can get Showoff revenge for someone...".

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