"The Chrome Demon from the depths of the Underworld, Refined as a Platinum Star, Heeeeere's CHROMA!" - Announcer's Quote

Chroma is an Underworld, later on WRB Robot built by Jaime Tommes, in honor of the retired bot Ragnorak. Using altered blueprints of the Norse Destructor, and different construction, Jaime has figured out a method to reinvent Ragnorak... as Chroma. A big contender for the WRB Title, Chroma is one of the harder bots to face off against.


  • SPEED: 95/100
  • POWER: 94/100
  • ARMOR: 90/100
  • INTELLIGENCE: 89/100
  • STAMINA: 99/100
  • OVERALL: 467/500
  • HEIGHT: 8'11"
  • WEIGHT: 1420 LBS
  • CHASSIS: Section 6 Mark X
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: "Turn Table" Fight System, Kinetic Force Redirection, Fast-Twitch movement system
  • Announcer's Quote: "Dread it, Run from it, Destiny arrives all the same. Or should I say, CHROMA Arrives all the same!"


  • Clash-Hand: Using the Turn Table system, Chroma mimics the movements of his opponent... but it's mirrored. If they throw a right hook, Chroma meets it with a left hook. This is especially useful at tiring out Fragile Speedsters, preventing their high speed from dealing enough damage to seriously harm Chroma, while also chipping at them
  • Emerald Splash: Chroma's lights turn a bright emerald, signifying the impeding attack. The opponent is tricked into thinking Chroma is vulnerable by falsifying a power down, as these lights turn a slightly darker shade of green when the bot actually powers down. This forces the opponent to use a powerful blow, which is blocked. Thanks to it's ability to redirect kinetic force into another attack, the bot strikes, causing great damage.
  • Za Warudo: Chroma B****-Slaps the target's head, temporarily stunning them and causing damage to their mother board. Especially effective against Generation 1 bots, it confuses their perception into seeing Chroma moving slowly, when in fact they are already on the ground, dead.
  • Payload: The Chrome Demon performs a powerful dual uppercut, performing a return stroke with the elbows, before showing off a rapid string of low crosses which is cleaned up nicely with a powerful backhand.
  • ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!: A powerful and rapid string of crosses and jabs, with the occasional flash, the target is overwhelmed with punches of 960 HPM (Hits Per Minute). The great force transfer and Chroma's own effort causes insane damage, smashing apart weaker robots and stunning stronger ones greatly. During the move, Chroma's system makes a noise similar to the Stand Cry of the infamous Star Platinum from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
  • R.C.M.W.O.A.C.A (Pronounced Rick-Em-Woke-A): Chroma's greatest move and Rip-Off, the Platinum Star performs a reverse uppercut, with a return stroke of punching forward, before the opponent has it's face meet Chroma's foot. Staggering, the target gets a knuckle sandwich consisting of a right hook, a left uppercut, and a backhand side dish, before finishing them off with a rapid jab barrage and a left bomb, knocking their head out of the ring. This Rip-Off deals one of the highest damage of any rip off before it actually kills the robot.

Fight Record

23 Wins - 2 Losses - 1 Draw

Best Match: Chroma vs Abandon (K.O. At 2 of 5)

Worst Match: Chroma vs Titan (DRAW)

All Matches, First To Last

  • Chroma VS Aquabot (Win, A.K.O. 1 of 5)
  • Chroma VS Bluebot (Win, A.K.O. 1 of 5)
  • Chroma VS Six Shooter (Win, K.O. 2 of 5)
  • Chroma VS Black Top (Win, K.O. 2 of 5)
  • Chroma VS Fat Boy
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