Vital statistics
Title The Iron Wall
Generation 3
Bot Type Game Breaker
Status Active

About this Bot

Chaos is a modified Slaughter- bot MK.2. His owner is unknown. Chaos has a voice module, commonly used by housekeeping and service robots, which he used to taunt his opponents.


Chaos originally started out as a common, everyday Slaughter- bot MK.2, until he was HEAVILY modified by an unknown owner. He was famous for having a fight with Atom in a car Junkyard before Atom entered the W.R.B, although he lost the fight.

After losing to Atom, Chaos' owner decided it was time to bring this bot to a whole new level. He completely redid all of the inner workings of Chaos, and gave him a completely new Motherboard, hydraulics, power core, chassis, and mainframe. Several weeks later, he entered the Crash Palace tournament.

Crash Palace Tournament

After fighting several other bots, the final fight was against Midas. Midas charged at full speed against Chaos, and knocked him off his feet. Chaos quickly recovered, and sent a hail of punched at Midas' head, and disrupted his motherboard.. He lifted Midas off of his feet and threw him out of the ring, and Midas landed with a crash, nearly hitting Midas' owner, but destroying his remote. Midas was out, and the winner of the match was Chaos!


Chaos' owner decided that he could win some good money in the W.R.B, so he entered him in. First, he had to fight in the qualifying match to enter. Chaos' first match was against Bunker Buster. Chaos and Bunker Buster each threw some hard punched at each other, but Chaos gave Bunker Buster a hard punch square in the face. Although it made a large dent in Bunker' head, nothing else happened, Bunker's mainframe was too well built to be damaged from punches. Bunker Buster re-routed all of his power to his fist and game him his signature move, Rocket Punch, square in the target on his chest, which Chaos' owner had neglected to remove from Chaos' sparring bot days. The punch would have ripped thorough most Underworld Bots, but Chaos was well built too. Chaos was landed onto the ground with a bang and a large crater in his chest, but got back up! Bunker Buster's commander Skysteam was very confused. Chaos ran full speed at Bunker, but Bunker barely managed to punch Chaos square in the chest once more with what remained of his reserve power, finally ripping thorough Chaos' chest. Chaos failed to qualify for the W.R.B, but Skysteam was so surprised that Chaos survived his Rocket Punch, that he bought Chaos as a sparring bot for Bunker.

The story continues at Bunker Buster's page!

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