The term Sparring Bot, describes a robot that is designed specifically for sparring and training.  Typically, these bots are built with the purpose of withstanding massive amounts of damage.  But they are meant to take hits, not dish them out.  They usually have no offensive weapons or appendages, and if they do they will not commonly use them.  There are a few exceptions to that rule however.  Sparring-bots are usually built in mass-produced models by Robot Boxing companies.  Thus, they cost much less than a usual bot and are easier to maintain.  Even with there cheap price tag, however, many handlers do not own Sparring Bots.  Some consider them a wasteful expence, to others a sign of weakness.  Although many who partake in the WRB consider Sparring Bots a necessity for training.

Sparring Bots in the Ring

Many Sparring bots stay away from public eye, stored in gyms and warehouses.  However, there are many examples of modified Sparring Bots, or even extremely lucky non-modified Sparring Bots, that fight toe-to-toe with their boxing counterparts in the ring.

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