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Robot Boxers are Robots that are programmed for boxing. There are two types of Robot Boxing, Underworld Boxing and World Robot Boxing.

Underworld Boxing:

Underworld Boxing is a "Rule-free" boxing for robots. There are no rules in this place which allows a robot do illegal and dirty moves like kicks and headbutts. There are 2 bots who are known for doing this, The first is Metro, known as "The Frankenbot of the Ring" because of his sledgehammer fist and footplant, and Midas, known as "The King of the Underworld" and "The Gold-Blooded Killer" of his strength, durability and dirty moves.

Wordl Robot Boxing:

World Robot Boxing or WRB for short, is a League Fights for Robots which are programmed to fight a Legal Boxing. Some bots are known for their strength. Noisy Boy is one of the great boxers because he only lost once. Twin Cities is also known for his strength and his two heads. Zeus is known as the Champion of WRB. Atom is known as "The People's Champion" because he is the first bot to knockout Zeus.

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