The term, Junk-bot is a slang word describing a bot that is almost completely made of scraps.  Sometimes called, Funnies, Scraps, Uglies, Pieces and Parts or even more derogatory, Junkies. These bots very rarely made it past the underground rings.  Most are made from pieces of other bots found in scrap-yards and junk-piles. Although, a bot found in a junkyard is not necessarily a "Junk-bot". The bot itself must be made from garbage and debris.

For example: Atom was found in a junk-yard, however he is not a Junk-bot due to the fact that he is professionally designed and manufactured.

The term Junk-bot, can also be used to describe a bot that is obsolete an/or past it's prime.

For example: Both Bluebot and Ambush were made by qualified Robot designers/builders. However to to their age and bad state, they can both be referred to as Junk-bots.

Please note:  Junk-bot is not a specific generation or fighting type of bot.  Rather it is the style of building or appearance of the bot itself.

Junk-bots in the Ring

On average, Junk-bots did not advance past the lowly ranks of the Underworld. However a lucky few, such as Metro , have made it to fame.Also, some may get rebuilt and get fame too like the infamous Ambush 2.0. Some fights are specifically organised as "Scraps" and only allow Junk-bot's.

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