Generation 3/G3 are Robots with a greater technology than G2 and G1. Unlike the previous generation, These robots are equipped with a voice recognition that allows a bot owner to control the robot via headset which allows you to command the bot what to do using your own voice during a fight, yet the bots can also be controlled by their remote. But, some bot designer can create a fully-automated bot that can adapt to every fight without being controlled. And some G3 Robots are controlled by a Joy Sticks and Consoles with Headsets on a table/desk to monitor the bots movement and to check its power core like Twin Cities and Zeus.

'Examples of Headsets with Remotes':


Noisy Boy's Headset


Noisy Boy's Remote


Generation 3/G3 Robots

  1. Noisy Boy
  2. Axelrod
  3. Cosmobot
  4. Twin Cities
  5. Albino
  6. Blac Jac
  7. Touchdown
  8. Zeus

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