Name: Cardinal Chaos

Title: Sacramentum Accedunt, The Agent Of Anarchy

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Cardinal Chaos is a robot that was first added to the RS WRB game and then was added to the RS iOS game. He is a black, tall and menacing looking robot, most likely an upgraded version of Noisy Boy. Well,unlike Noisy Boy, he is black and red, and has a different head.He is a WRB 1 circuit robot, and is only obtainable on the Mystery Draw. Although his origin and weight were unknown on the WRB game, now it's known he is from USA and weights 1850 lbs. He has Noisy Boy's exact same intro, win, finisher and SP, although this one has been renamed from "Wakizashi Hook" to "Chaos Hammer". He has also a different heavy moveset. His handler is most likely Tyler Chand and he after losing mutiple matches with past robots created a patented bot aka cardinal chaos his special tactical abilities are to be able to pinpoint his opponents due to his operating system which is extremely rare. After such noisy boy was declared an "un-usable bot " meaning that the new patent took over the original.

Tyler Chand spent a year looking for ways to make the perfect new noisy boy, which he did, and destroyed midas by punching his core

So far, Cardinal Chaos can't be obtained on the Daily Exhibition, Challenges or Live Events rewards. He has also no rewards on the trophies section when the WRB 1 section is completed on the Championship mode. He is probably one of the strongest robots in the WRB 1 circuit along with Cosmobot and Twin Cities. His parts can be seen in RS Champions on Noisy Boy's Gold grade parts, obviously with some differences from the original parts. In addition the people that he has beaten are... Midas, Zeus , Beast and Twin cities

Announcer's Quote: "From the mysterious... Sacramentum Accedunt! Cardinal Chaos!"



Health: 6200

Attack: 504

Special: 1040


Armor: 80/100

Power: 80/100

Speed: 60/100



Origin: USA

Ability: Rupture - Enraged

Weight: 1850 lbs

Height: 8'5"

Feature: Cardinal's Crown

Special Moves:

1.- Chaos Hammer (Noisy Boy)

2.- Super Chaos Hammer (Six Shooter)

3.- Ultra Chaos Hammer (Ambush)



Cardinal Chaos is a huge bot. He resembles Noisy Boy and might be made by Tak Mashido. He is mostly painted in black and dark gray, with white trimmings and red neon on his eyes, torso, elbows, forearms and his lower legs. His eyes give a red gas resembling look coming out of his eyes. His appearance was probably made to be a menacing machine, like Zeus. Despite his extreme similarities with Noisy Boy, he also has some different things, such as a thicker torso, a Cardinal crown, a brand new head and mask design and larger fists with four red neon lights around both of his forearms, besides the other features previously mentioned. He is not fightable or buyable, the only way to obtain him is on the Mystery Draw. He has no longer Noisy Boy's kanji anywhere at all, which makes him look even more menacing.


  • His title "Sacramentum Accedunt" roughly translates to "Mystery Approach" from Latin.
  • On another note, the term "sacrament" is religious based, of which is fitting for his appearance and name. Cardinals are usually of prime importance, and commonly associated with churches.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to Noisy Boy, even his animations are nearly the same as Noisy Boy (though he has different HP attacks). However, they were both created in separate countries (United States and Japan, respectively).
  • Cardinal Chaos can only be obtained through the Mystery Draw.
  • Cardinal Chaos appears in the Real Steel (iOS) game even though he was originally from WRB. This has happened to Fat Boy, Bio War, Blockbuster and Hollow Jack as well. However, this Cardinal Chaos glows a blue neon instead of a red neon.
  • Cardinal Chaos's Special Move in Real Steel: World Robot Boxing was named Chaos Hammer, however in Real Steel iOS it is now named Rest In Pieces.
  • In the WRB game, his announcer's voice is different.
  • He comes back in WRB 2 in form of several variants called Atrax, Siro and Hawkei.
  • Despite having several variants of him in WRB 2, Cardinal Chaos himself doesn't come back.
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