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Vital statistics
Title unknown
Generation 3
Bot Type Mighty Glacier
Status Online


Name: Camelot

Title/Nickname: Unknown, "Realm Protector (as Royal Camelot)"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Mighty Glacier

Status: Online


Camelot is a powerful bot from Real Steel World Robot Boxing game. He is the second competitor in the WRB I next to Noisy Boy and does not appear in the movie.

Camelot card.jpeg



Special: 41


Armor: 100/100 total battle ranking 1/ 9 999

Power: 9/10

Speed: 10/10


Origin: UK

Weight: 2012 lbs

Height: 8'5''

Special Feature: Dreadnaught Mainframe

Signature Move: Excalibur Strike

                        Super Excalibur Strike (Fatboy)

                    Ultra Excalibur Strike (Blockbuster)

Announcer's Quote: "Stepping out of myth and legend, all kneel before...Camelot!" 


Camelot is named after a famous legend in England, the kingdom of Camelot. He is a bot from the game Real Steel World Robot Boxing. He is a WRB I bot after Noisy Boy. His fists are long which means that you need an opportunity to get close to this bot in order to beat and defeat him.


Camelot's head looks like he is wearing a mixture of a crown and Atoms face, he is almost completely white in color and his fists are really long. His fists are probably useful when fighting( longer reach).


  • Although he cannot be obtained in the iOS game, a variation of him exists, called Royal Camelot. Under the nickname of Realm Protector, he can be unlocked when you buy Bio War, Fiend, Crimson Carnage, Asura and Shogun.
  • In Real Steel WRB, the Announcer Quote stops abruptly around "Ca-"