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Armor: 89/100

Speed: 76/100

Power: 90/100

Intelligence: 37/100 (If Caboose is dumb, so is his robot)

Special: 99/100

Overall: 391/500


Skeleton: Spartan

Frame: HamienSarpus Blue

Motherboard: 9085 Simulcrum

Armour: Mjonir MK 5B

Power Core: Delta Green

Armour: Caboose's armour is made of a tri-titanium plate (tri-titanium is three layers of titanium compressed to the volume of one layer), and has an under plate made of graphene and carbon steel, making it incredibly hard,

Movement: due to the weight of the armour, there is an external set of hydraulics and pistons, which makes him incredibly fast.

Intelligence: However, despite his speed and strength, he is not very intelligent, and as such, cannot adapt or modify his combos and moves to defeat enemies. this is due to the primitive AI that runs him, which was a necessity due to the energy required to move the incredibly heavy armour at such speeds.

Rage/Omega Mode: This mode increases his Strength and Power, but reduces his ability to dodge and weave, instead relying on blocking his opponent's moves, as well as the strength of his armour. This mode is nicknamed; O'Malley

Notes and Trivia

  • Caboose is based of the character from Red VS Blue; Michael J. Caboose, who is also an idiot, and comedic relief
  • Rage Mode is a nod to the fact that when Caboose (RvB) is angry, his voice changes to an intimidating version of his normal one, and he becomes incredibly aggressive, and the nicknames Omega/O'Malley, are a nod to the AI that granted him the ability, who is named Omega, but is often referred to and called O'Malley
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