Bunker Buster
Vital statistics
Title Unstable Automaton
Generation 4
Bot Type Game Breaker
Status Online


Overall Stats

Strength: 100/100

Speed: 60/100

Armour 85/100

Special Moves: 73/100

Made in: USA

Siganture Move: "Rocket Fists"

Specialties: Power re-route system

Handler: Skysteam

Bunker Stats

The giant tank of the Afterworld, its the king of the nukes, blast away for... BUNKER BUSTER!

Bunker Buster Logo

Bunker Buster's Logo

Bunker Buster is one tough bot, but he wouldn't be here without my amazing co-story makers: Scauldy The Scauldron, SapphireStardust, XxNOISYxBOYxX12, The Sean4333 GlitchMatrix0909099 who made the entrance phrase, and many more. You know who you are!

-Chapter 1: Against the robot champion

Bunker Buster faces the mighty champion of the W.R.B, RAVAGOR! Who will win in this epic clash of steel?

-Chapter 2: The Rematch

Bunker Buster and Ravagor rematch! Only time will tell the victor in this gruelling match!

-Chapter 3: The Tournament

Bunker and Ravagor team up to enter the W.R.B Tag Team Tournament! Will they destroy their foes, Or be destroyed?

-Chapter 4: Bad News

Skysteam receives some bad news.......

-Chapter 5: Ravagor VS The Sarge

Ravagor faces off against The Sarge! Is Scauldy ready to take on this battle hardened drill sergeant?

-Chapter 6: The Tag

Bunker and Ravagor team up yet again to face Oneway and Logsplinter !

-Chapter 7: REALLY Big upgrade time!

Skysteam gives Bunker some really big changes!

-Chapter 8: The Afterworld

Skysteam is invited to the Afterworld, where only the best will win and the rest will fall!

-Chapter 9: Hardware problems

Bunker is hacked by an unknown person, and Skysteam must boot-up his old bots' to not only get him back, but defeat him! COMING SOON!

-Chapter 10: The Cyber Mangler

Bunker Buster is challenged by a new W.R.B contestant, the CYBER MANGLER! COMING SOON!

-Chapter 11: The Thunder troopers

Skysteam and Bunker are constantly bothered by a strange new robots, the Thunder troopers! COMING SOON!

The Beginning

Bunker Buster was the prototype of the infamous Blockbuster. He was acquired by Skysteam as a reward for one of his many wins in the Underworld, when the host of the match didn't have enough money to pay up. Bunker Buster's name comes from a military bomb with enough explosive power to destroy a bunker, as the name suggests, which could be either nuclear or not. His hands resembled warheads , while his head was a flat cyliner prism.

 Skysteam constantly tinkered with his newly aquired robot, until entering him in a Crash Palace tournament. He faced Blac Jack, Albino, and several others, but faced the newcomer Touchdown in the finals.
Bunker Buster Pummelling a Bot

Bunker Buster Pummelling a Bot

Both Bunker Buster and Touchdown seemed evenly matched, but Bunker Buster used his signature move rocket punch, and re-routed all power to his arm. Bunker Buster delivered a devastating and crippling punch to Touchdown's torso, winning Bunker Buster the match.

Chapter 1: Against The Robot Champion

Bunker Buster enter

Bunker entering the ring

[Section under construction]

After news spread of his previous victory, Skysteam received a call from the owner of Ravagor, who offered Skysteam a challenge. Their bots would fight in a televised match. The two Bunker Buster. Half of the crowd was cheering for Bunker Buster, and the other half was cheering for Ravagor. Halfway through the fight, Bunker had his arm removed and Ravagor had a fist taken off. Bunker Buster was pummeling Ravagor with quick strikes, but Ravagor managed to get a hard strike on Bunker Buster's face, creating an opening to land several devastating hits. Bunker Buster and Ravagor were mangled, metal peeling from their chassis', and hydraulic fluids leaking across the ring. Seeing an opening, Bunker Buster landed a strong strike on Ravagor. Mistiming the punch, both bots landed their hits at the same time, smashing each other's heads. Both bots were sent sprawling to the floor, but neither got up. The match ended in a draw, much to the crowd's disappointment.

Chapter 2: The Rematch

Skysteam fought a unique "golden" version of Noisy Boy in the WRB tournament, won the battle and took the golden noisy boy home. Then Fawk Hedhon, (owner of Ravagor) had put Ravagor in the WRB and Ravagor took on Golden Twin Cities. This ended up as a battle as Ravagor was raging through the tournament not missing or getting knocked out once. Ravagor gotten serious after the Bunker Buster battle. Few months later there was a tournament. It was Ravagor vs Zeus and Bunker Buster vs Ultrobael. Bunker Buster won the match and Ravagor won against, Zeus ending to a crazy battle. Bunker Buster vs Ravagor. Some of the crowd has already seen the Underworld III match but they would not want to see another long show. A day later the fight was starting, Ravagor was completly bright and shiny painted with Gold and Diamonds and had a Power Core size of 50 battles. Ravagor and Bunker Buster were fully upgraded and were stronger then ever known. The starting bell rung and both robots gave each other a hard punch in the face, knocking both off balance. The robots quickly caught balance. There was three rounds of blocked punches, until Bunker Buster gave Ravagor a Double Uppercut right under this blocking arms, and sent Ravagor stumbling back a little bit. Bunker used this opportunity to give Ravagor a Massive punch to the chest, but Ravagor dodged and sent Bunker behind him a meter. One hour of intense and partially boring fighting for the crowd later, Bunker's head was half bashed in, he was missing his left arm and Ravagors new core was already half empty (because Bunker Buster had severely damaged it). Ravagors shin new paint job was dented and scratched and many of the Diamonds had fallen out. Another hour passed and the battle was about to end (about half of the crowd had also left).
Bunker Entrance Blue
After the many hours of fighting, both of the robots armour was very weak, the next hit would determine the winner both bots seized the oppertunity. They where both inches away from knocking each other out, but their power cores both went out at the same moment. Both robots smashed to the floor, and the match was declared over. While both robots where reconstructed by their respective owners, the Head of the World Robot Boxing decided that they would never fight again in the WRB, because he would lose a high amount of money (200 million) because literally nobody would show up. They both split the Four Million dollar prize money.

Chapter 3: The Tournament

2 months later after the ban on doing Bunker Buster vs Ravagor fights WRB earned enough money to make an all new tournament the WRB T.T.T. World Robot Boxing Tag Team Tournament. Ravagor and his owner wanted to join the WRB T.T.T but he didnt know what his partner would be. Antares and Koutetsu have joined and so has Menasor and Headsmasher has also joined. Later then Fawk had a great idea. He would invite skysteam after that he had heard Skysteam is looking for a partner too. The tournament starts next week. Then a day later Fawk put an invitation to his warehouse for an agreement to battle in the WRB T.T.T. The next day Skysteam got the invitation. He gladly accepted it and went to the warehouse and done many work to work on fixing and upgrading all of his bots for the tournament. The next week the tournament started and Ravagor and Bunker Buster was better than ever known.
Bunker Buster Busting

The last thing Abandon ever saw

The head of the WRB was shocked and still could accept this team-up. Both robots entered the ring. The first match Albino and Abandon vs Ravagor and Bunker Buster. Ravagor held down Albino and was decapitated by Bunker Buster by doing an uppercut putting the head in the back and Ravagor ripped it off. Abandon had his head decapitated also while Bunker Buster took his leg and threw him to ravagor punched him in the back throwing his body back to Bunker Buster giving a final blow to the head. The battle was over in just 7 minutes.

Battle 2 was Axel Rod and Blac Jac vs Bunker Buster and Ravagor. Ravagor destroyed Blac Jac and Bunker Buster decapitated Axel Rod.

Battle 3 was Noisy Boy and Midas and Midas was destroyed by Ravagor and Noisy Boy had both arms ripped off one arm each by both Bunker and Ravagor then Bunker gave Noisy a powerful punch to the face.

Battle 4 was Camelot and Touchdown and this fight was a decapitating joy with both bots have their arms and head decapitated.

Battle 5 was Danger Zone and Twin Cities then Ravagor held twin cities down and Bunker Buster gave a double head decapitation to twin cities then danger zone had both arms decapitated and head lost.

Battle 6 was Antares and Koutetsu this time antares and koutetsu was surrounding Ravagor and brutally beating him up until Ravagor gave a blow to the face and threw antares to Bunker Buster letting bunker buster take his head off. then koutetsu was surrounded with no help then both bots punched koutetsu in the same time making him fall down for 10 seconds.

Battle 7 was Bio War and War Path when the starting bell rang War Path ran straight to Ravagor and done the charlie special giving Ravagor rage then brutally decapitating War Path then he turned around to Bio War and punched him in the face and Bunker Buster took his leg off and head too.

Battle 8 was Menasor V2 and Headsmasher so then Menasor was very strong so Ravagor went for him first 2 minutes later he was decapitated and Headsmasher wanted Bunker and Ravagors head so he came running to them while ravagor was cheering to the fans then Bunker Buster quickly decapitated him saving Ravagor. Battle 9 was Gambit and Nitro and in the battle Nitro got close to decapitating ravagor until he sidestepped and took his head off then Bunker finished Gambit off.

The final battle was Zeus and Atom. This one was crazy, It lasted for 2 hours and 17 minutes. The match started off with Atom using the jump-punch (not actual name) on Ravagor severely damaging his motherboard. Zeus used nuke-fist on Bunker Buster dodged then went for a strike but then Zeus quickly done a counter-hit. Bunker Buster fell down on the floor. Ravagor gave Bunker a hand and exactly once Bunker got up, Zeus and Atom punched him in the face at the same time. Atom started beating up Bunker and Zeus gave Ravagor a beating too. Ravagor fell to the floor and Fawk Hedhon and Skysteam thought it was the end. After 9 minutes of fighting Zeus hadnt gotten a fist mark at all and Atom too. 1 hour and 14 mins later when Atom was about to do the final blow and Zeus was about to decapitate Ravagor.
Bunker vs Zeus

Bunker vs Zeus

Ravagor dodges and right before Atom punched, Ravagor hit Atom in the elbow causing the whole arm to fall off and then Bunker quickly recovered. At the mere end of the battle. Zeus put ravagor to the ground. on the 7th second ravagor got up and for an apparent reason Ravagors neon color changed from yellow to red. and on Ravagors remote control v6, all Armor, Power and Speed have went on full power. Then quickly destroyed Zeus's Motherboard and Powercore. Leaving zeus defenseless. Then ravagor took-off Zeus's head, ad Ravagor collapsed, his power core drained. tom was ripped appart by Bunker Buster leaving with a lucky victory.

Chapter 4: Bad News

Several days later, Fawk knocked on Skysteams door. Skysteam opens the door and asks Fawk why he is here. Fawk tells Skysteam that he is taking a plane to the USA for the greatest robot competition but he does not have enough money to go back to the UK or to bring Skysteam with him, Fawk tells him that they can't be a team anymore since he can only go by himself. Skysteam says his goodbye and Fawk drives away.

Truthfully, Skysteam was planning to go to the same robot Championship that Fawk was leaving for, but Skysteam was too busy repairing Bunker Buster, that it completely slipped his mind. Since the sign-up was a week ago, it was too late for Skysteam.

Chapter 5: Ravagor VS The Sarge

Because of this series of unfortunate events preventing Skysteam from entering the match, Skysteam instead decided that the least he could do was go to the U.S.A and cheer on Ravagor. Skysteam took the first flight out to the U.S that he could find. Skysteam entered the arena, only several minutes befor the match started! Skysteam managed to get the only seats a available, the Deluxue Platinum V.I.P seats (because they where so extremely overpriced). Skysteam sat down into his seat right as the match was about to begin, and when he looked, over in the right side of the ring, he saw Fawk! Fawk noticed Skysteam, but before anything else, the bell rang! The match begins! The announcer began to announce the contestants names, and Skysteam thought it would be a good idea to find out how good Ravagors opponen was. Skysteam took out his Holo-tablet, and searched up Ravagors opponent, The Sarge. The Sarge was no ordinary bot. He had several wins against popular W.R.B bots, but Skysteam was confident that Ravagor could make it.

The Sarge

The battle was intense due to the close stats they have together. The Sarge was a lot stronger than Sting-rhino and when Ravagor was doing chassis punches he thought the Sarge couldnt even feel it. The Sarge done a right hook to Ravagor's face and then used his feet to trip him down then stomped on his face as hard as he can. Ravagor almost lost until he stood up then used spin-fist hitting The Sarge's face multiple times. Sarge done a right jab while Ravagor done a left jab knocking Sarge out and tripping Ravagor they both stood up then kicked each other in each others knees breaking Sarges and disarming Ravagors. They both were not able to stand up both giving up making the battle a draw. Both winners split the prize and they both got gold medals and both were put in the winners wall. Fawk walked up to the familar person he saw earlier and got a shock as he found out that it was Skysteam. They greeted each other and were so happy that they saw each other. Fawk requested to team-up with each other again. Skysteam told Fawk that he was unsure but he was planning on just going to watch.

Chapter 6: The Tag

After the match against The Sarge, Fawk went back home then Fawk started to improve his bot due to how weak he was

Against Logsplinter

against a bot like Sarge. After finishing his chestplate upgrade and finally molding in Ravagors deadly diamond piston arms, Fawk went outside to search the internet on his iPhone and found out there is a tournament where the prize is 1 billion dollars. Ravagor signed up and Skysteam signed up as a backup and a watcher. Ravagor joined the tournament and beaten all the contestants beside the finalist. The finalists name was Oneway. The match lasted long. Ravagor done his spin-fist cracking a piece of his head power-core. But ravagor just caused Oneway's madness attack and knocked down ravagor several times. Skysteam currently watching felt bad and called a tag since it was in the rulebook. Skysteam brought in his upgraded Bunker Buster bot and got in the ring. Oneway's backup partner named Logsplinter. Oneway jumped and kicked ravagor in the face. Logsplinters left fist was destroyed by Bunker but Oneway threw Ravagor on Bunker. Ravagor knew it was a tough fight but then Ravagor realised the two holes with wires on Oneway's shoulders and the model of the body, legs and head. It was an exact replica of twin cities and the gold version. And while he was watching atom vs twin cities years ago he remembers the weakness twin cities had. Ravagor amputated Oneways arms by using the weakness against him then decapitated Oneway. But Logsplinter was still alive and beating up Bunker Buster then Ravagor jumped on Logsplinters back giving him weight then Logsplinter falls. While Ravagor was holding Logsplinter down Bunker finished him off giving them to win a cool 5 million dollars, and golden medals.

Chapter 7: REALLY Big Upgrade time!

With his now massive amount of money (after donating half of it to charity), Skysteam knew what he was going to do.

Skysteam got back to his Truck and spent the next week adding new upgrades and installing the new hardware into Bunker Buster, like a scanner to detect breaks and flaws in the opponents armour or find weak spots, and a sonar system in case his visual where destroyed or failed. Skysteam also gave Bunker a whole new and upgraded power core.


After finishing the work on Bunker, Skysteam received a letter from an unknown sender. The letter read,

"Congratulations! Your power and/or fame with Robot Boxing has given you the chance to be in THE AFTERWORLD! In this tournament, you will only fight the best Robot Boxers throughout the entire world! We hope to see your admittance, and will be glad to see you there!"

Skysteam has only heard rumours of the Afterworld! Skysteam later heard that Fawk had been entered into it too, and wished Fawk good luck. Once he was there his first match was against Ravagor! Bunker started the battle by charging at Ravagor, and sent a hail of fast punches into Ravagor's torso, but Ravagor fought back by spin-fisting Bunkers face to distract him, but Ravagor then won the match by using Gamma-Ray Burst Destruction, but not shattering his head, since they are friends. His second fight was against Oneway (fan-made bot). This fight was the shortest of them all. The fight lasted a mere 5 seconds, as Bunker re-routed all power into his legs and jumped heigh into the air, straight into Oneway, and sent one fatal punch to his neck, and decapitated Oneway. After many more fit, Bunker finished the Afterworld.

Chapter 9: Hardware Problems

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain like an eternal torrent on the roof of Skysteam's warehouse, where he lived and stored his vast collection of robot parts, many purchased, but several taken as trophies from fights. From inside the warehouse, one could hear the pitter patter of the rain on the roof.

Inside the warehouse

This would distract most from their activities, but not for Skysteam. He was so absorbed into his work of welding the arm of a warehouse lifting crane that it felt like nothing around him existed. If one where not absorbed into work he might hear the skittering of a small, but nonetheless complicated piece of machinery. To the scientists eye it would appear to an arachnid, to the layman's a pest, and to the careful eye of a mechanical engineer, a work of art. But being as absorbed into his work as he was, Skysteam did not notice it skitter across the concrete floor of the warehouse. It darted across the warehouse floor and after identifying its target, up the leg of a blue Robot Boxer, across its exposed chest hardware, and into a crack on its cylinder prisimic head. It crawled into the blue bots neural circutry, and planted itself there. From there, its legs dug into the bots delicate circutry, and began to pump new programming and software into its circuits.

Skysteam put the welding torch in his hand down, and wiped dripping sweat off of his forehead with his sleeve. He climed down a metal ladder onto the warehouse floor. Most would feel proud for fixing such a complicated piece of machinery like a crane, but the only thing Skysteam felt was exhausted. He had been working all week fixing his warehouse. It was not often he got to do things like this. We was usually salving himself all across the world with Bunker Buster to matches. But for the first time in months, his schedule was not overloaded with boxing matches. Matter of fact, he surprising didnt have ANY matches this week. Skysteam was overjoyed with this fact, but as the week went on, he quickly got bored. He was so used to doing something, and always having somewhere to go. So he decided to do something productive, and after one of the warehouse roof panels gave way and landed with a crash onto the concrete warehouse floor, he decided fixing the warehouse might be a good idea.

Skysteam trudged to a small metal framed single bed in the middle of his warehouse, and collapsed onto it. He looked up to the ceiling, and noticed the welding work where he fixed it. For the first time this whole week, he felt proud, and thought of the other things he could fix and tinker with, he was so engrossed into his thoughts that he failed to notice a whirring sound, the sound of the Bunker booting up, and the unmistakable sound of the Windows 95 startup. What Skysteam did notice though, was the stomping of Bunkers foot. Then another stomp. Skysteam jumped up to look at Bunker, but he wasn't with his other bots. He desperately looked around the room, and saw him walking to the warehouse doors. Skysteam jumped off the bed and ran towards a table with bits of metal spread across its surface. He grabbed Bunkers remote and shut him off. Except he didnt shut off. He kept marching towards the door.

Skysteam dashed out the door after his bot. The torrent of rain made it hard to see, but Skysteam saw Bunker walking towards a black van. The vans back doors opened, but Skysteam yelled out to Bunker to come back. Bunker stopped. He turned around to face Skyteam. He walked towards him. Skysteam was hit with the force of a rocket. Bunkers rocket fist, to be exact. He flew in the air, and hit the concrete with a loud thud. The last thing Skysteam saw was the van speeding down the street, with Bunker Buster inside. Then he fainted.

Skysteam woke up in a white room, with lots of medical machines inside. He was in a hospital. A doctor turned to him. "Ah, you're awake, good morning Skysteam. I can't remember the last time we've had a celebrity in the hospital. Your recovery rate is fantastic, but we still still need to do one last checkup before you leave." Skysteam jumped out of the bed. "Where is Bunker Buster!?" He yelled. "Excuse me?" replied the confused doctor. Skysteam ran out of the hospital doctors chasing him, yelling at him to return.

He finally got back to his warehouse, which was a good jogging distance from the hospital. He burst through the door. His computer was on, an email open on the screen. The email read "Thank you, Skysteam. With your robot, I will make a fortune in robot boxing! Too bad you will not be alive to see my success." Skysteam heard the click of a gun loading behind him. He turned to see a masked man holding a gun, it pointed at Skysteam's head. "Heh, my boss is gonna make a fortune off you! Bye bye!" The man was about to pull the trigger, but a metal fist bashed him in the head, with enough force to render the man unconscious. "Thanks Chaos", Skysteam said to his old sparring bot, modified into a security bot due to the low security systems of the warehouse. Another email appeared on the computer. " So, you've managed to defeat my assassin" Skysteam noticed a camera in the unconscious man's mask. "I respect your technological skill. If you wish to get your bot back, prove yourself against me in a Robot Boxing match, goodbye." The computer started to shake, then shut off. Smoke began to pour out of it. Skysteam loaded his remaining bots ito his truck. Noisy Boy, Chaos and Bio War. Hopefully they could win Bunker Buster Back. Hopefully.

Chapter 10: A Daring Rescue


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