Origin: Philippines

Nickname: The three headed machine of doom, king of the ring

Owner: Johann Coronel

Creator: Coronel robot Corp

Power: 10000/100

Armor: 1000/100

Special: 10000/100

Special Move: Dozer Bozer

Special Feature: Three Uranium Core Producer

Bot Type: Annihilator

Generation: 4.5


Bulldozer is a robot made in the Philippines he is the first ever robot made with three heads and he began when Johann created a blueprint of a three headed robot fighter but costs 1 billion dollars for a core made of uranium. He bought it however and made the robot worth 8 billion. He went to crash palace and Fin he first fought Aquabot he went on to win however crushing Aquabots exoskeleton and crushing his body to scrap. He then faced Metro at the zoo he ripped metros hammer off and used it to make metros sytem core malfunction and set him on fire later on metro suddenly exploded due to the oil leak in his body. When Tak Mashido saw it on youtube he invited him to the WRB and went on to first face Camelot. The fight ended up bad for Camelot he lost a foot, head left a massive hole in his body after Bulldozer used his dozer bozer on his body. He then faced BlacJac and later on BlacJac lost a head and both legs and set him on flames due to an oil leak in his body. He then faced a larger opponent named Bunker Buster. The fight lasted for an hour after Bunker Buster lost a hand and a leg which left him hopping after Bulldozer performed his construction demolition move. A few minutes later Bunker Buster later on lost his head and the fight ended up bad for him. He later faced Ravagor and the lasted for five hours! The fight ended when ravager was knocked out after he used the driller uppercut and won the championship. He later faced a former champion TriGore however was not enough to withstad a dozer bozer and got his legs ripped off and made his beast matrix explode to peices. After that he faced Scorpion and ended up extremely bad for the bot. He lost both hands,legs and his head and later decapitated the tail. A few years later he was banned from the league becuase of his brutal(but legal) fighting style. He went on however to be a king of the underworld after beating midas to peices and later faced Juggernaut however it was Bulldozer who had a nearly impenetrable force as he crushed the bots body and left the massive bot to a flat bot. He then retired later after his owner became sick and recovered however until now no one has ever challenged him due to the pain of the robots that faced him experienced. However The Sarge challenged the worthy champion however the Sarge ended up retiring from robot boxing after his oil leaked after a brutal body punch and cought on fire he suddenly exploded and left only his head. He later faced BlacJac 3.0 and this was a worthy fight BlacJac literally giving the Filipino bot a beating in the first and second round. However in the third round the remade robot ended up retiring as a broken bot after the dozer bozer once again finshed the casino bots fists and left a mulfunction in the core and left BlacJac 3.0 down and left Bulldozer nothing bot flattening the bot completely and caught him on fire. The fire was extinguished but nothing was saved from the bot(including the hands which was next to him). Since he was not the champion anymore he was once again in the WRB when Farra Lemkova invited him. He fought Golden Zeus but made Zeus leave the ring with only his body after Bulldozer took off his head, hands and the legs. He was up against Kong Tron but Bulldozer nearly nearly lost after his uranium core producer broke and was powering down however when Kong Tron got tired and Bulldozers was far from empty the three headed beast smashed Kong Trons head and flew to the crowd the fight was declared over after the move. His championship fight was against Red Beret who shot all his opponents to death. When the fight began The Commando was not a match for Bulldozer after Bulldozer smashed red berets back and made his cannon malfunfction and instead of shooting bulldozer he shot himself leaving a hole in his body an later on shot his head making Bulldozer a champion once again. He later faced the two headed tyrant and it was the best match in history and lasted five rounds. In the first round twin cities clashed with bulldozer the two fought in extreme pain both giving each other a beating. Every round was a tie and the both ended up in a draw. Johann and the Hammerfall Partners became friends. When Tak Mashido gave the Ice cool mechanical mountain to fight the three headed beast Abandons core set on fire despite its ability to stay cool and got knocked out making Bulldozer the winner. He later on faced Atom in the Virgin Spectrum Arena and boy it was a fight after the fight lasted for 12 rounds until Atom gave Bulldozer a right left uppercut to the head of Bulldozer making him lose one head but still standing and stronger due to the uranium producer which is reserved for the three heads and enough for each head so if one is lost the producer redirects itself to the other head making him stronger and producing deadlier punches. So to that Atom got surprised and got his hand decapitated and later on the head making bulldozer the winner. The following weekend he was up against Aztec in Brazil so the pressure was on Bulldozer is a Filipino bot. The fight went on however and to the crowds surprise Aztec lost a hand in just 10 seconds of the first round. In the second hand Aztec lost half of his right hand and bulldozer gave Aztec the driller uppercut and Aztecs head flew off the ring to its handlers computer making Bulldozer the winner. Thirteen years had passed and Bulldozer remained undefeated with 189 wins 0 losse and one draw(vs. Twin Cities) until he faced Gridlock 2.0 which is the same generation as Bulldozer but Stronger. The Swiss robot gave the Filipino bot a beating in the first round after Bulldozer severed his left hand because of the mechisno Taunt. However Bulldozer gave the Swiss a more painful beating after he gave a driller uppercut to the head of Gridlock. Gridlock nearly lost his head which was hanging like a thread and was down however saved by the bell. When the referee said to his handler he should stop but they said it was repairable so they did and the third round was another beating for gridlock losing his right hand but gave suddenly bulldozer a deadly left uppercut. Bulldozer was down and Gridlock won his 78th win and ended bulldozers 13 year streak. However later asked for a rematch but this time Bulldozer had a maximum upgrade making his armor literally impenetrable. In the first round the match was over after Bulldozer crushed Gridlocks Core in the center and crushed his head to the ground which also crushed Gridlocks body but not that much. So later on he retired from Robot Boxing and was deactivated by Johann as johann built a cafe in the Philippines. The end.

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