NAME: Bulkbot "The Smashing Tank"


BOT TYPE: Mighty Glacier Lv.5 (Originally Stone Wall Lv. 5)


Bulkbot was a robot built purely and completely for Defense. However, when his old handler lost a bet to Bulkbot's current owner (FTW DyNaMiTe) He lost Bulkbot and tons of cash. Then, Bulkbot's current handler upgraded him with several Gen 3 parts (although he is still classified as a Gen 2 since he has a controller) which increased his moblility, punch speed, attack, and power charge. He has an uncanny ability to come back from losing at the beginning of the fight and win. His Tech Moves are mainly unblockable moves.

His current parts are: Lv. 5 Caged Head, Lv. 5 Berserker Body, Lv. 5 Battering Arms, Lv. 5 Omega Fists, and Lv. 5 Berserker Legs. His inside parts are a secret.

His old parts were: Lv. 5 Caged Head, Lv. 5 Plated Body, Lv. 5 Battering Arms, Lv. 5 Sparring Gloves, and Lv. 5 Box-Base Legs.

Bulkbot's handler is open for Real Steel fights any time, feel free to send him an Xbox Live message!


Overall Stats

Strength: 100/100

Speed: 73/100

Intelligence: 76/100

Special Moves: 80/100

Total Battle Rating: 6583

Made in: USA

Specialties: Ability to come back and win from a losing start.

Handler: FTW DyNaMiTe

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 6583
Wins 14
Losses 0
Online Wins 5
Online Losses 2
AKOs 1
Online AKOs 0
Win Percentage 100%
Online Win Percentage 71%
Core HP 4368
Power Charge 1635
Total Attack 4655
Defense 4250
Resilience 10
Damage Recovery 4

Power Recovery

Average Punch Speed 9
Movement Speed 7
Mobility 5


  • Bulkbot is often referred to as "Rocky" by his handler.
  • He has never been knocked down by any non-player robot.
  • His face has a black area on it which is glossy, and because of this gloss, it looks like he has teeth.
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