"The soon to be Crash Palace king better run before Brutus starts smashin"- Johnny Remington - owner of Brutus

Brutus is a shut up and start smashing type of bot. His W/L ratio is 19/8 which is not bad for Johnny because he had dreams of building a bot to defeat Midas. When he was young, his dad took him to crash place. Brutus came into the family as a bot do to chores for his mom since Johnny's dad walked out on him after his bot "Nuke" was decapitated by Artie's old bot Shread Head.

Brutus had been with Johnny since 2016. It was a year later his mom was mugged and Johnny got BRUTUS form his uncle's shop to have him polished for his science fair. The mugger ran into them and Brutus had punched him in the face. Johnny  saw that  BRUTUS had a chance to be in the WRB or Crash palace so he had BRUTUS trained for 6 years. Finally, he had fought BLUE BOT and he won. Later he was put in the time attack and was destoryed by round 21 by FAT BOY. Johnny paided 10,000 dollars for his repair but was later attack by Blake Morris this happened because Johnny stole 7,500 dollars from him just for the repairs he also lost his middle finger when he flipped Blake off and called him a lonely F***ing loser. BRUTUS always fought in the UNDER WORLD and in Execution Hall. (This is a place where weapons are forged for the robots to use in the fight or to finish off the enemy its more like Gladiators but use boxing robots) BRUTUS won the name at Execution hall "THE RIPPING MANIAC" cause most of his execution he would take his opponents enery core and throw it into the crowd. Johnny then loaned 30,000 dollars to Charlie Kenton to buy AMBUSH cause Charlie was a friend of his dad Charlie did pay him back. Johnny still wanted to have Artie pay for making his dad leave him so he had set up a fight between BRUTUS and SHREAD HEAD. the fight lasted a hour and 12,000 dollars in damaged for both bots (6,000 bucks each) Johnny still wanted his dad back but later learned that his dad died in a car wreck when a barrel from a truck hit his wind shield and exploded killing him Instantly. His mom knew of his death cause he died when Johnny was only 10 years old. In rage he accidently pushed the eject button on his truck and sent BRUTUS falling off and landing some where in a ditch Johnny looked for him for two weeks and finally checked the junkyard and found him in parts from Head to legs. Johnny  rebuilt him and used him as a chore bot again to give the fighting a break. not much is known about his current location.

here is his data 


nickname:The ripping Maniac,The deadly Brawler

Bot type:Shut up and Smash, Chore

Rank: 4# in the Underworld

Special move:Rip it up (A fatal blow to the chest followed by a swift punch to the head twice and weakens the arms being able to fall off easier after taking major damage and then headbutts sending the opponent on thier knees)

his Wins and losses

Brutus vs Shread head-win

Brutus vs Fat boy-loss

Brutus vs Midas- loss

Brutus vs Ramchip-win (Ramchip lost his right arm then head just like NOISY BOY did)

brutus vs Pyscho- win (this was in Execution hall this was his first energy core rip out)

Brutus vs Bio war-win

brutus vs Ambush-win 

(hey guys listen i need some wins and losses so i want you guys to fill it out see your bot in the fight i need Underworld bots no WRB thought i would give you guys something to do i need 6 losses and 14 wins this is opptional everyday ill add two more to fill it out until its full so have fun guys peace-XxNOISYxBOYxX12)

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