Name: Brutality

Vital statistics
Title The Ruthless Redcoat
Generation 4
Bot Type Demolisher
Status Online

Generation: 4

Title/Nickname: The Furious Fed, The Ruthless Redcoat

Bot Type: Demolisher

Armor: 189

Power: 220

Special: 152


Origin: USA

Weight: 2400 lbs

Height: 7' 9"

Special Feature: Reinforced Arm Structure

Signature Move(s): Boston Basher, Long Arm Lockdown 

Signature Move Description(s):

Boston Basher: Brutality feints a left uppercut while preparing and then executing a crushing right hook. He then jump-punches his opponent in the face.

Long Arm Lockdown: Brutality hooks his left arm behind his opponent's head and punches him in the face repeatedly while kneeing his midsection.


Brutality was made from the shell of an armored APC and a cop car mashed into one. He's also a big meanie from uptown Boston. His bloody red spray painted armour, reinforced with iridium–titanium composite plating, is not the only reason for his nickname, "The Ruthless Redcoat", as many unfortunate bot owners have found out.


HarmOnium finally moved to the US as the WRB scene there picked up the pace with the first season of the new WRB Minor League Supertournament was unofficially announced to begin on the eve of Christmas next year. After 2 months in development, their newest bot was released. Before official release, HarmOnium wanted to test out its moves against their rival, NorthWave.Co. The new bot was named Brutality for its overwhelming and morbid performance in the ring: It tore off both of Skirmish's arms, then proceeded to grab Sydeline's head and crush it by punching it repeatedly. The next one to fall was Amplifister, who foolishly tried to outmaneuver him and use Subwoofer (Amplifister drills his opponent with low jabs, ending in a double uppercut.) on him. Brutality used Amp's own weight against the poor bot and slowly destroyed him with his foot as it crushed down on Amp's back. Focal was much smarter, using Brutality's shoulder spikes to yank his left arm off and proceeded to knee him hard in the torso, leaving a considerable dent in Brutality's abdomen. Brutality got up 6 seconds later and staggered towards Focal. Focal beat him to the punch(quite literally) and used the shoulder spike from Brutality's own dismembered left arm to spear him in the chest. Sparking from damage, Brutality was quickly knocked out by Focal with Lens Flare (Focal drills the opponent with his left arm, before he crosses the opponent in the head with his right arm.). Focal was rewarded with a fight against Decker, who promptly curb-stomped him with sheer force. Brutality and the other bots were quickly repaired and he was soon ready for "field testing". Long story short, Brutality got to second in the Underworld Weekly Quick Tournament(UWQT) and lost only to SyncShock's brilliant use of his Bass Slam (SyncShock double uppercuts his opponent and crushes them with a double downward smash.), which tore up through Brutality's head and crushed it flat. SyncShock had been in for repairs during the test fight, giving his operator a slight edge over Brutality's operator, who had no idea how to block such an attack.

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