Blue bot card
Vital statistics
Title The Electric Blue Brawler
Generation 2
Bot Type Jack of all stats(Jack)
Status Repairing

Name: Bluebot

Title: Electric Blue Brawler

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Jack of All Stats (Jack)

Status: Online


Bluebot is a robot that appears briefly in the movie and in the Real Steel game for IOS devices. He is considered somewhat of an old fighter like Ambush.


Origin: Brazil

Height: 8'0"

Weight: 767 LBS

Signature move: Blue in Da Face 

                       Super Blue in Da Face (Axelrod)

                       Ultra Blue in Da Face (Abandon)




Real Steel games


Bluebot in the iOS game

Real steel IOS

Bluebot is featured in Real Steel IOS. Somehow, he is an opposite of Aquabot, but with the same speed. Bluebot relies on a Blacktop classed defense. His attack is the weakest of all bots.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Bluebot is a contender in Underworld 1. He can only be fought in Free Sparring mode. To gain him, the player must invite a friend from facebook and gain him along with Aquabot, Axelrod,and Blac Jac or get him in the Daily award after 20 days of playing continuously, buy him in the store with real gold, or a reward in completing a challenge in Daily Exhibition. The changes to him is that, in real steel IOS his attacks were very weak. Now, he specializes in attack and special moves, making him a good bot for players who are having a hard time against Midas in Championship mode. Unfortunately he has no specialties but he has his light attacks easier to damage enemies. Probably because some kind of "spine" structure on his stomach.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing the Electric Blue Brawler from Brazil...Bluebot!"


  • His name is seen in the events below Midas. If you pause the movie. Your can see his name right under the word "Undercard fights" when Finn is talking, his name is behind Finn. And pause again when Finn says Charlie Kenton is in the house (when Noisy Boy isn't facing the board), you can see the name Throttle under the word "Undercard fights". It means that Bluebot is set to fight Throttle.
  • Bluebot is briefly shown walking in front of Noisy Boy in Crash Palace with his right shoulder facing the screen in the movie before Charlie Kenton challenges Midas .
  • In the Real Steel iOS game BYOR, Junkyard Robot 1's head is a bigger red version of Bluebot's head, but has a Zeus-like face.
  • He is one of the few bots seen in the movie when Charlie, Max and Noisy go to Crash Palace along with Albino and Aquabot.
  • His design looks similar to the Transformers Autobot Blurr.
  • In Real Steel: Champions, Every mainframe you build will have his moves as default moves.
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