The Bloodshot Beasts is a team which is owned by Global Mech. It's leader is Maroon - 1.

Maroon - 1

The leader of Bloodshot Beasts, most powerful out of the team.

Special Attacks

All of the teams Special Attacks + Nukefist.

Twin Empires

The co-leader of Bloodshot Beasts, has two heads and is based off Twin Cities.

Special Attacks

Twin Tower Attack: A move where Twin Empires hits the opponent to the left then to the right twice and headbutts him using both heads.


A bot relying on defense. Is also extremely fast and is highly humanoid.

Special Attacks (or defense?)

Self-Reconstruction: When badly damaged. Flatlines armor is in squares that can flip over so when his armor is damaged he can flip them over while the other side heals and the other side gets its turn to be hit.


A bot with unique legs. Extremely fast and usually hits low.

Special Attacks

Leap of Faith: A move where Hind jumps extremely high and rapidly punches the opponent in the head.


A broken robot. Do not doubt him as he is very powerful.

Special Attacks

His core is too damaged that Scrap cannot use Special Moves.


The fastest out of the team. This robot is the fastest in the world and its reflexes are amazing.

Special Attacks

Alley Hook: A move where Athlete rapidly hooks the opponent.

Slam Dunk: A move where Athlete jumps high and kicks the opponents head.

Hat Trick: Athlete uses his right leg to kick the opponent three times.

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