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Blockbuster card.jpeg
Vital statistics
Title Bringing Down the Barrage!
Generation 2
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser
Status Online

Name: Blockbuster

Title/Nickname: Bringing Down the Barrage!

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Blockbuster is an underworld bot from Real Steel World Robot Boxing game; and a newly added, overpowered 'bot in iOS. His stats are similar to Fiend but slower.

Real Steel: World Robot Boxing


Health: 2600

Power: 216

Special: 26

79 Stars

Origin: USA

Weight: 1336 Lbs

Height: 8'3" but is actually taller, as he is always slouching

Feature: Duranium Knuckle-Busters

Signature move: Shock and Awe

                      Super Shock and Awe (Excavator)

Ultra Shock and Awe (Fatboy)

'Announcer's Quote: '"With an explosive one-two, this robot is the bomb...Blockbuster!"

Real Steel iOS

Blockbuster has been added recently to this mobile game, retaining the same description. Similar to his WRB counterpart, he is very powerful. Stats! Armour: 7/10 Power: 9/10 Speed: 5/10

(It's best to utilize Blockbuster as a slower Fiend, though this isn't heavily present in actual gameplay.)


Blockbuster is an insanely big-fisted bot. His fists look like a pair of Atomic Bombs. His chest has a star mark on it. His head is small compared to his shoulders. His legs are also pretty long.


Armor: 70/100

Power: 90/100

Speed: 50/100


  • If the player uses Blockbuster's arms in BYOR for iOS and Real Steel: Champions, they will be significantly smaller.
  • In WRB, Blockbuster is mainly green, with red as a secondary color. In the iOS game, however, he is now mainly red, with blue as a secondary color. His visor now gives off a blue glow.
  • Blockbuster's fists look like a pair of bombs. More specific, Atomic Bombs like the ones in World War 2.
  • From the looks, Blockbuster seems like he is nuclear-powered.
  • Blockbuster's name is derived from an explosive that can demolish an entire city block. There is also a word "blockbuster" that means "a thing of great power or size", and that's what this 'bot is.
  • His special feature is "Duranium knuckle busters". Duranium is a fictional metal from Star Trek that is a thousand times stronger than titanium, and knuckle busters are weapons worn on the knuckles. Although highly unlikely, this could mean that his fists have Duranium in them as his special feature, which could be why he has power as his highest starting stat.
  • His special move, shock and awe, is used by many robots as their super or ultra moves. Examples include Bio-war, Zeus, Camelot, Twin cities, and Excavator.