Blake Einstein Herman is a robo-boxer. He owns his robot Denster.

Family of Blake

Mother: Susanne Herman

Father: Lieo Herman

Son: Ford Herman

Robot: Denster

BEST friend(s): Whole Arch Troop

Friends: John Maxwell, Shawn Shucks, Mark Hedhon, other Team Mech Members

Rival(s): Joey Carsons (Injured by Denster)

Story NOTE: 2020 BASIS (Belated happy BDAY Blake!!!)

Blake was born on February 18, 1988. His mom is Susanne Einstein Herman and his dad is Lieo Herman. He's born at Brooklyn, New York. He has Filipino Blood.

Lieo was a very rich man. He is the Creator of DENCORP.INC. He earned $150,214,788 at sales at the said company. He earned $91,899,217 at running a restaurant called Your Taste.

Susanne is a very loving mother. She divorced twice to the men Jarvis Yarr and Lee So Fein. But when Lieo met her, she quickly "I Do"ed to Lieo at the wedding.

When Blake was a young child, Blake is really fond of love. He loved his parents so much. When he was about 10 years old, he started to code at an early age. He coded simple games at the school's computer lab. He always have high grades, that makes him a very good student at Dr. Udonis' Robot Academy. (look about that later)

When Blake was about 16 years old, something very bad happened. Susanne was shot at the left shoulder (thanks she's right handed.) But, Blake's mom fought the incident and turned normal again.


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