Bladeface was a bot built by Raf Kent after he got Blac Jac 3.0 lost. Originally called BlastJab.

Armor: 95/100

Strength: 100/100


EPIC bot, eh? Of course! It's an original Team Mech!

Speed: 80/100

Intelligence: 90/100

Special: 95/100

Total: 390/500

Type: Game Breaker, Level 5.5

Name: BlastJab/Bladeface

Title: Brutal Lumberjack



Armor: 80/100

Generation: 3.5

Status: Destroyed(Repaired)

Announcer's Quote: " He's been everywhere, he was once forgotten, but the Brutal Lumberjack is back home, Slice 'n' Dice For Bladeface!!!"

Handler/Trainer: Raf Kent

Robot Frame: BlowgunB2BT

Robot Power Core: WillPower 45x80

Robot Motherboard: Brute XL 45%

Signature Moves : Thruster Punch, Lumberjack Smack, Night Attack, Knuckleduster, Grenade, Blitz Fist, and Blades Of Hell.

Specialties: Eradicate Mates - Creates illusions of itself, like clones to confuse the enemy.

War-Drive - Allows this bot to increase stats 5 times than normal mode that lasts for a minute, but drains 40% of his power.

Special gear : Piston Elbows, Gravity- Zero Feet, Axe Head

Strengths and Weaknesses

Bladeface 's weaknesses are his unprotected midsection, his neck area, and all ball and socket joint.

Bladeface can leap up to 5 feet up, he can do severe damage with headbutting, and can scan a robot's parts, figuring out it's weak spots.


Bladeface is a Red Bot with an Axe as a head.

BlastJab 2

He's going to spill hydraulic fluid on the floor......


Bladeface stats are actually Blac Jac's, with a little twist.

He was first owned by Kurk Kizami, but was destroyed. He kept Bladeface(BlastJab) in his garage, which is in a disrepaired state, before bought by Raf Kent.

His original name was BlastJab.

Background Story

Bladeface is actually a bot owned by Kurk Kizami, but he got turned into spare parts in a battle with Rick O' Shay.


Raf wanted Blac Jac back. He knew where Dex Air, the stealer, is. Alaska, Tag Team Tournament. He contacted John Maxwell, the owner of Ambush 2.0, to be his partner, at the tournament. John gladly accepted. They met at the airport. "Woah! New bot?" asked John,"Built him?" Raf answered, "Blacie Jackie's current replacement", while smiling. They flew to Alaska, right before the registration ended. "Fight day! Wake up!" John tried to wake Raf up. " Oh O.K...." as Raf lazily woke up. the morning after, Raf saw John's Ambush 2.0, showing off it's "Muscles". "Time to go." Raf said. "OK, wait,", said John while packing. They went to the place, and stuff. The participants are:

Blac Jac 3.0 and S.T.R.I.P.E!!!

Game Over and Scramble

Midas 2.0 and Phantom Albino

Koutetsu and Antares!

Jump and Run

Twin Cities and Excavator!

Prone and Villain

Rush and No Time!!

Cardinal Chaos and Nitro

Camelot and One Eyed Jack!

Songs and Gimlet


Never ending slaughter for Never!!

Shogun and Insurgency Axelrod!!

Bro and Freeze!

I.M.O.U.T.O.F.I.D.E.A.S and O.H.W.A.I.T.I.G.O.T.O.N.E.

Never and EndBreaker

Bladeface and Ambush 2.0!!!

Their first opponents are Never and End Breaker

Never Jumped High in the air and was flinged by End Breaker, did an epic somersault and kicked Ambush 2.0. Raf was distracted so much that Bladeface got punched. Blade did a counter by throwing End Breaker to Never, which was busy pummeling Ambush. Ambush then jumped on never and punched his head till it gets decapitated. End Breaker ran to the edge of the ring. "BAD MOVE!" shouted Raf. Bladeface did a Thruster Punch, killing End Breaker.

Their next opponents are Bro and Freeze....

Bro ran and pushed Bladeface over to Ambush. Ambush dodged and ran at Freeze to do a Golden Bushwhack. Bladeface was pummeled by Bro until he raised his axe-like head ton slice Bro's head into 2. By the time Bladeface got up, Freeze was already in pieces.

They will have to fight Shogun and Axelrod next.

Axelrod jumped up to attack Ambush, but Bladeface ducked and flung his head at Axelrod's midsection, cutting it in half. Ambush ran to Shogun and did a Temple punch combo. Result: Decapitation.

Their final match. Jackie and Stripe vs Ambush 2.0 and Bladeface.


Killing S.T.R.I.P.E!

Jackie charged to Bladeface, Ambush charged Stripe. Jackie tried to hit Bladeface but Bladeface's too fast. "Stop moving bro!", shouted Dex, BlacJac's owner. "You clearly didn't master BlacJac. Get out.", answered Raf. At the exact second, Bladeface punched Blac Jac in the face and Blackie took a big dent, while falling to his knees. Blac Jac was immediately punched at the back of the head, bringing him down. At the exact same time, Ambush fell down headfirst. The count for them started, and Bladeface uppercut Stripe really hard, decapitating him. Stripe though, has function to stay alive for 2 mins after decapitation. Stripe now tries to kill Blast Jab. 3!2!1! the Bell for BlacJac and Ambush is almost out, but Blast takes and pulls the energy core of Stripe, killing it and disqualificating their team. Raf and John wins! They told the cops that Blac Jac is theirs, with evidence, so the cops arrested Dex.


Here we go swingin'


Bladeface destroyed!

Raf was challenged by Blake Herman and fought a bot named Predator. Predator charged at Bladeface with his knife hands. Blaeface blocked and responded with a headbutt to the arm. That severely damages Predator, but Predator stays strong and Blake still keeps his cool. After a bunch of punches, Predator is weakened. when Bladeface proceeds to the finisher, Predator suddenly puts both knives into Bladeface's abdominal area, which weakens Bladeface a lot too.



When Bladeface tries to land his next punch, his body suddenly collapses and falls into half. "NO!", shouted Raf, as Bladeface falls lifeless, and fails to regain balance. And oh, repairing him requires a heck lot of stress.

The next Month, Bladeface is n his feet again, and guess what? It's Christmas!!! He quickly reserved a fight against Mech-A-Claus. The fight began!At first Bladeface was pummeling Mech-A-Claus but he didn't do any damage. In fact, Mech-A-Claus did a turn-up and pushed Bladeface and amputating Bladeface's Right. Bladeface tries to kill Mech-A-Claus using his left. Bad thing: Raf is not a lefty. Bladeface then turned right and sprayed his hydraulic juice to ol' Santa's face. Mech-A-Claus then punched Bladeface in the chest, Amputated his left, and pushed Bladeface, which was still standing, apparently..... Bladeface then Jumped, headbutted Santa, slicing ol Mech-A-Claus's head into half. Raf won!

The next week, Lance texted Raf and said that a man, Alex wanted to fight Raf. Bladeface was there. Fight: Bladeface landed quick punches and looked forward to finish Axe, which is surprisingly similar to Bladeface.Axe made a lucky uppercut when getting pummeled, and he used his Axe arm to chop Bladeface's head off. Axe Won!

Bladeface now needs to destroy both Crimson Carnage and Cardinal Chaos, 2v1. The battle took place in the Sky High Arena, an arena 500m above ground, with no ropes. The deal was, If Raf won, he'll get Crimson's arm and Chaos' Head. If he lose, he loses 5000 Bucks. The battle began by Mid-Punches By Chaos, but Bladeface is blocking like boss. Bladeface then uppercut Chaos, not seeing that Crimson is lunging towards em. Bladeface is pushed to the corner, with NO ROPES. So, Crimson Jumped and Punched, but Bladeface ducked and grabbed Crimson's arm and cut it off, before pushing him down. Then, Chaos ran to Bladeface, but Bladeface hit Chaos in the belly with Crimson's maced arm, Blowing Chaos up!


Raf was invited to the AOBC. By luck, his opponent was his mentor, Charlie Kenton..... And, ATOM!o

There was also John, Lance, Shawn, Blake, Tak, Hammerfalls, Shane( Which U Might not know,), and Sam(U don't know dis guy 2, but Raf fought him..

Match Begin! The first till Fourth round was boring but during the fifth, Atom Finnaly Jacked the Charlie Special Twice. but, Bladeface stoon strong and abused Atom. Atom is at a corner, Bladeface pulled his arm backwards to perform the finisher, but Atom suddenly collapse. Bladeface won!

Raf, tommorow evening, happily walked out of the RLC arena, while in there, was Aquabot in the ring, dead, Bluebot's body hanging lifeless in the ropes, Blacktop welded onto a wall, Sixshooter without the hat, dead, Metro's mallet stuffed into his own chest, Gambit, lifelessly laying on the audience chair, Tackle's head welded onto the entrance, Nitro in the Parts/Service room, Hollowjack's mace on Fatboy's chassis, Albino's head on Midas' body, once again, dead, Dangerzone's core in the Parts room, too, Camelot's spare parts, Fiend's horns on Twin Cities' head(s), and Skelezeus' Head chopped in half. He's ready for his next fight against Zeus.

The Jerk

One day, Raf was tinkering Bladeface when Shawn Shucks texted him. " Bad guy, Anthony Brooks, Boxing match, 2 days later, fight him. Team Mech ls there." It says.

2 days later, the entire Team Mech was on the road. A convoy of trucks with the occasional sports car or luxury limo. Finn, owner of Crash Palace, ran out. As Mark Hedhon got out of his big Peterbuilt, and Raf Kent stepped out from his EBot Maybach, Finn confronted both of them. "Look guys, we don't have any parking space." Then he looked up, and a EBot sky-blue chopper, with a green WASSUP? and a smile face spray-painted on the bottom landed. John Maxwell and Lance Reynolds stepped out, laughing. Finn glared at them."Do you guys even know what the government's gonna do with choppers landing on public roads?" Lance shrugged."Double parking fees?" Finn looked furious. " Dude, do you even have a license?" "No." John uttered. "You are SO off my Christmas present list. Well I have this leather recliner-" "Shut up, guys." intervened Kelichi Akamine and Flynn McHuildier." We got some jerk butts to whup." "I hope that's a figure of speech.", joked John." The more I hear about this Anthony character, the more I think he's got some kind of diarrhea." Even Finn chuckled, "I don't want Mr.Brooks crapping over my place." Shawn appeared, deadly serious,"Oh he won't, Finn. I imagine that the prison plumbing will take quite a battering after Mr. Brooks arrives." He says. "Oh-ho," said Finn, "I'll be imagining that today will be quite a spectacle." Taylor Srinwest, handler of Showoff, grinned behind his shades. "Oh, I'm sure it will be." Then a black jeep with a trailer skidded up and scraped the paint job off Blake Herman's Maserati. "Oh, could it be Mr. Intestine Problems?" ,asked John as Blake Herman called Lance. "Gimme one of your guns. Now. I spent like, 500k on that paint." "You can't just seriously kil-" Mark said, before Blake cut him. "I'm not going to kill him. Holding guns is a comfort thing." Raf said," Oh don't point it at me, bro, I have a Phobia of that stuff." Lance sighed as the Hummer's door opened and a man wearing a leather jacket and a suspicous, pistol sized blip stepped out. "On second thoughts, I'll hold onto my gun. It's a self-defense thing." muttered Lance. "Hi, gents. Now **** off and get out of my way." said Anthony as he tried to walk inside the Palace. Then he noticed Shawn glaring at him. "Oi, amigo, tell your friends to get out of my way.", Taylor Srinwest groaned. "Oh, great, guys. We just needed another cocky enemy.", Uttered Flynn. "You got a problem with me? Then you got a problem with life. And if you got a problem with life, maybe I can fix it." As Anthony said."Great grandstanding. Now in as a matter of fact, I think you're the one who needs psychotherapy." Grinned Taylor."Let's see. Where's your robot?" Anthony asked. "Oh, right there. You want a fight?" "Definitely." Said Taylor.


2 hooks to the head, then a stone cold hard jab to the chest( Thruster Punch)

2 midsection blows, and a headbutt.( Lumberjack Smack)

An ankle, then Bladeface jumps and brings the opponent down(much like Blacktop's jab combo 4) (Night Attack)

A barrage of MMA Style blows, then a bicycle kick.(Knuckleduster)

Shield, uppercut(Grenade)

A kick and a smackdown. Then, a punch to the friggin face(Blitz Fist)

Mich Like A Tomahawk Blow(Blades of hell)

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