Name: Blacktop

Nickname: The Bot out of Hell

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Jack Of All Stats

Status: Online. Defeated by Atom


Blacktop was originally built as a mascot for the Hell's Teeth Motorcycle Club, however, the club owners decided to go big, so they delved in on the boxing sport. Surprisingly, Blacktop's popularity increased pretty fast. Blacktop became so popular that he soon became a regular fighter in the Underworld, fighting at the seediest bars and illegal match-ups.

Announcer's Quote: "From the darkest corner of the Underworld, it's Blacktop!"


Armor: 40/100

Strength: 40/100

Speed: 40/100

WRB Stats:

Health: 2700

Power: 208

Special: 26

79 Stars


Origin: USA

Ability: Special Steal

Weight: 891 LBS

Height: 8'0"

Feature: Handlebar Fight Chassis

Special Moves:

1.- Rev-Hook (Original)

2.- Super Rev-Hook (Abandon)

3.- Ultra Rev-Hook (Excavator)


Blacktop is one of the many fighters seen fighting Atom before his jump to the WRB. He is seen in a parking lot, fighting Atom, before tiring out. Atom attacks him, and finishes him off by giving him a right hook directly into a car's hood. Not much else is known about him.


Blacktop appears to have particularly thick armor. He is mostly red with black trim, and he wears a black helmet modelled after a German soldier's helmet or a biker's helmet. The sound of an engine revving is heard as he moves, and he appears to emit exhaust with each punch. He has three glowing red rings on his chest, reminiscent of motorcycle gauges. 

Real steel WRB

Blacktop is the third figher in UW II after Six Shooter and Blockbuster. He is heavily improved from his iOS version. He has pretty good armor and power but has weak special.


  • Blacktop was defeated by Atom but he is still online. He was only knocked out instead of being outright destroyed.
  • Blacktop has orange colored linings on his stomach and the side of his fists.
  • He is powered by a motorcycle engine, thus giving off a revving sound each time he throws a punch.
  • He has four smoke emitters (or exhaust pipes) on his back which makes the background a bit smokey.
  • Blacktop is based off and built from a motorcycle, hence his fists looking like bikers' gloves, the speedometer-like dials on his chestplate, his helmet, the exhaust pipes on his back, the motorcycle engine that powers him and the name of his special move in the iOS games, Rev Hook.
  • Although Blacktop wasn't destroyed, some spectators threw drinks on this 'bot once he was on the hood. This may have affected his systems.
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