Name: Blac Jac

Title: Unknown

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Blac Jac was destroyed by Zeus and was left for scrap. Then, the ex-boxer Raf Kent scavenged the parts of Blac Jac, except the broken mask. He was brought to his new home, repaired, and trained to the max!


Armor: 91/100

Power: 85/100

Speed: 81/100


Origin: China

Ability: Intelligence

Weight: 891 lbs

Height: 8'0"

Feature: Neodynium Magnet Fists

Special Moves:

1.- Poker Face (Original)

2.- Super Poker Face (Bio War)

3.- Ultra Poker Face (Hollow Jack)


Blac Jac's body is exactly the same as its classic counterpart, except for the mask that resembles those of G-1 face.


Raf went to the zoo to test this Blac Jac 3.0 and got in the ring with Zookeeper. Zookeper struck hard with his mallet, but Blac Jac barely took a dent. He grabbed Zookeeper's arm and ripped it off. Blac Jac then did a roundhouse that made Zookeeper's head fly. Literally. So Raf polished this bot and went to the WRB to fight Abandon. Abandon layed a hit before Blac Jac demolished his chest. Abandon did not get up, so they literally had to carry a 1100lbs bot in their hands! Blac Jac got stolen by Dex Air recently. Raf vowed to get it back. Dex went to the zoo, and he saw a polished bot like no other. He went towards the owner, Antonio Espanho to a battle. Antonio gladly accepted. Iron Strike charged. BJ Uppercut him. Iron-Strike tried to jab but BJ is just blocking too much. BJ Karate Kicked Iron-Strike and Iron Strike is out!

Status online

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