Blac Jac
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Vital statistics
Title The Casino Bot with an Amazing Hand
Generation 3
Bot Type Game Breaker Level 4
Status Destroyed

Blac Jac in the ring.

Name: Blac Jac

Title/Nickname: "The Casino Bot with an Amazing Hand"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker Level 4

Status: Destroyed

Owner: Pearl Poker and Boxing Corporations


Blac Jac is a Robot Boxer that appears in the movie in a WRB Banner, as well as both the Real Steel WRB and iOS games. Not much else is known about him, aside from the fact that he must be a worthy opponent to fight in the WRB. Before the Atom-Zeus fight, it is revealed that Zeus destroyed him by punching his face mask off. In the fight, Blac Jac fell to his knees and then Zeus delivered a final punch to the back of his head. This can be seen in the video of Zeus' and Atom's progress. He is made in China; before he became a hardwired, steel-smashing boxer, he played at all the grand casinos in China.


Blac Jac is a red and black robot, with a crown-like head and a solitare-style face. He resembles a deck of cards or a "King of Cards", evidenced by the fact that his entire body is decorated with an assortment of spades, clubs, and diamonds. Four hearts have been found; two upside down on his knees, two upside down on his thighs. His fists are called "Neodymium Magnet Fists".

Real Steel iOS

Blac jac card

Blac Jac Card

He is one of the bots that can be purchased. He is bundled with Twin Cities.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Blac Jac is a WRB II bot. He is the fourth contender in WRII after Abandon but he cannot be fought in the championship. He is one of the toughest bots with default stats in WRB II. The only way you can get this bot is via Facebook Free Pass or get him in the daily awards.

Announcer's Quote: "From China, he's the Ace in the Pack. The Damage Dealer, always bet on...Blac Jac!"

Zeus vs blak jac

Zeus vs Blac Jac


Blac Jac in the Real Steel app for iOS devices.


  • Blac Jac actually has the highest amount of Armour in Real Steel iOS, even far more than Zeus.

It's able to strongly withstand two destructive combos AND a special move from Fiend! His Gold counterpart had a very minuscule amount of extra health(at least to survive that one extra punch). Great for survival, but not recommended as Blac Jac has severely low Power(lower than Atom's).

  • His signature move changed from Jacked Up in the iOS game to Poker Face in Real Steel WRB. This might have been done to avoid confusion with Fiend's signature move, which is named Jacked Up in both games.
  • In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, the player must accept a free robot pass to unlock Blac Jac. The player must also have unlocked Bluebot, Aquabot, and Axelrod.
  • In the Real Steel iOS game BYOR, Junkyard Robot 1 torso resembles Blac Jac's body but the red is replaced with green and there are two chest plates.
  • In the IOS Real Steel app, Blac Jac comes in a two pack of robots, along with Twin Cities.
  • When Atom fights Twin Cities in Detroit, Blac Jac can be seen on the outside of the arena along with Zeus. This may be a sign that he was rebuilt and wanted a rematch.
  • He is from China, along with Fiend.
  • He was defeated by Zeus twice. This was proven when Zeus' owners said that he remains undefeated. 
  • Blac Jac's special move comes from the expression usually portrayed by a Black Jack player, poker face.
  • Blac Jac is inspired by the old game, Black Jack. His Rip Off in the game when being played is often a cross blow to the face, which sends an opponent head flying.
  • In the game Real Steel WRB, Blac Jac's Rip-Off move does not remove the opponent's head, alongside Tackle and Nitro. He charges his fists and then delivers a blow to his opponents head while ripping its arm.
  • Blac Jac had a different appearance in the film rather than the games. He had a golden paint job with the outlines of his armor a much brighter and lighter red.

(It's worth noting that, like Nitro, he attacks the opponent's right arm, but the left arm is removed instead. This appears to be fixed in Real Steel: Champions: when the player equips Blac Jac's Rip Off, the robot actually attacks the left arm. However, the robot still attacks the right, so it is not fixed.)

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