Name: Bio War

Nickname: The Meltdown Menace

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Bio War was modelled from a wasteland survivor of an apocalypse. His right arm looks like a minigun or gatling gun, but actually it is similar to a meat tenderizer which is also rotatable. His face looks like a gas mask and his head has a helmet. He equips a backpack and has a glowing biohazard sign on his chest. He looks like Sarge .

Announcer's Quote: "He's a one-robot apocalypse. Flee before... Bio War!"



Armor: 80/100

Power: 70/100

Speed: 60/100


Health: 3200

Attack: 264

Special: 32

UW-I: 97


BW 003

Origin: Ukraine

Ability: Armor Melt - Perfect Block

Height: 8'6"

Weight: 1350 LBS

Feature: Asymmetrical Assembly

Special Moves:

1.- Nuclear Knockdown (Original)

2.- Super Nuclear Knockdown (Gridlock)

3.- Ultra Nuclear Knockdown (Blockbuster)


BW 004

Bio War is a robot from the Underworld who was built to look like a wasteland apocalypse survivor. He's wearing a helmet and his face resembles a gas mask, He has three hoses on his torso: one around the neck, another around the middle chest which directly connects with his backpack, and the third one is around his waist. His upper chest resembles a car and he has a Biohazard symbol on the middle of his upper chest. His right arm looks like a gatling gun combined with a meat tenderizer, which he rotates and uses to weaken the opponent's armor. His right foot looks like a soldier boot, while his left foot looks like a pincer. He has a lot of ventilation-looking gaps all over his body, which could be simply decorations or could also mean that Bio War tends to get overheated sooner than other robots, although it's still unclear what their function is. He has a massive left fist , which helps him to hit harder when not using the gatling gun.

: 100


  • Bio War is a bot that looks like it is armed with a weapon, obviously to fit his wasteland survivor theme.
  • He is the second tallest 'bot in Real Steel WRB next to Gambit standing at 8'6"(Gambit is actually taller standing at 8'11") However, the models don't truly follow this, as Abandon and Blockbuster stand far taller.
  • His right fist is like a gatling gun and is rotatable, to which his handler uses to tenderise the opponent's head.
  • His energy core is in his backpack.
  • His face looks like a gas mask, complementing his post-apocalyptic survivor theme.
  • His torso and head are the only symmetrical parts of his body.
  • He comes back in WRB 2, only looking much dirtier and much more rusty than in the original game.
  • In WRB 2 he belongs to the Scrapyard class, which are robots that were scrapped and then salvaged.
  • In WRB 2 his nationality is American and not Ukarainian, this could be explained by the previous point.
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