The Beast is a player made bot whose handler is currently anonymous. He has a bizarre habit of taking a trophy from every bot he kills, like gridlock's head, aquabot's arm, drone strike's engine, etc.

Status : Online

introduction: Here's the monster from the portal, kick bot for The Beast!

appearence: cobbled together from bits of other bots with noisy boy's leg,twin cities leg ,a junkyard bot head And Zeus's arms and torso

type: lightning bruiser

generation: currently 3 (soon to be upgraded.)

nicknames: 'butcher bot' 'limbsplitter'

handler: anonymous

special move: Beast from Hell


beast was a bot that originated as a noisy boy model,but was SEEEEEERIOUSLY updated so it uses some of midas's special moves with a vicious rip off. He started in the underworld by fighting metro,midas ,Aquabot and more.aquabot lost his head and got his arm torn off before being beaten to death with his own severed arm,midas got a decapicino and his head thrown into the crowd, metro was taken offline when his legs were broken and head was melted by an acid overload.

eventually he found his way to the WRB when he was invited to fight axelrod.axelrod lost his right arm halfway in round 2 and was (similar to the Zeus fight) torn in two.twin cities was decapitated,camelot was crushed,gridlock got his head ripped off and used as a trophy.then drone strike fought him but after a 5 round battle,drone strike had his armour damaged,allowing beast to disable his arms and crush his head.

the fights carried on like this until Zeus fought him.zeus and beast fought viciously,but Zeus managed to K.O Him in the last 4 seconds of round 1.he was eventually reactivated and fought Zeus once again and in round 4 zeus had part of his systems damaged and his system malfunctioned, making him randomly flail. Beast won the battle when he brutally ripped off his head and used therw it to the crowd before taking Zeus's upperbody and arms to reconfigure his weaponry.


aquabot vs beast WIN : £3000

drone strike vs beast WIN : £30,000 (drone strike taken PERMANENTLY offline)

twin cities vs beast WIN : £20,000

midas vs beast WIN

metro vs beast WIN

axelrod vs beast WIN



Zeus vs beast LOSE :£ 200,000

zeus vs beast (2nd battle) WIN :£ 10,000,000

lancer vs beast

the sarge & lancer vs beast & game over (tag team) WIN

The afterworld

Coming soon

Death fury league

beast vs handsome jak

beast vs jawbreaker

beast vs howler hunter

beast vs Sargent stone (the sarge's big brother)

beast vs death-trappe

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