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The Caged Beast





Name: Barricade

Title: The Caged Beast

Generation: 4,5

Status: Destroyed

BotType: Brawler

Heigth: 8'5"

Weigth: 1500 lbs

SignatureMove: Shellshock


Armor: 80/100

Power: 85/100

Speed: 85/100

SpecialFeature: Titanium Armor and Anti-Overheat System



Barricade was built by a young engeneer named George Stinger. George was inspired by Atom, the WRB champion. Barricade was built by robot parts that already been trashed. For example, Barricade's fists was taken from Bluebot. Bluebot's owner trashed him after losing a figth againts Midas. Barricade was built in thick armor, that working very well to protect Barricade's body. Barricade is the first robot that George have. Barricade also has a anti-overheat system, and also Barricade's armor were made out from titanium. After George done building Barricade, he went to Crash Palace and looking for a match. Then he got a match where he has to face Albino. When the match started, Barricade gives an easy uppercut to Albino. But Albino dodges and gives a roundhouse to Barricade. But ofcourse, that roundhouse was no use because Barricade was built in titanium armor. So Barricade lands a hook, causing Albino lost his rigth arm. Then followed by the Shellshockt, which removed Albino's head. But ofcourse, Albino has a long neck, which causing him an easy chance to lost his head. After Barricade wins, he challenged Midas. When the match started, Midas gave a roundhouse everywhere, causing Barricade to block and dodge. When Midas stoped, Barricade lands an uppercut, but Midas dodged. The match was going tough. Barricade was still block and dodging, while Midas just busy in atacking. But, because Midas didn't have a anti-overheat system, he overheated. Then Barricade started to trew punch everywhere. When Midas was down, Barricade gave a roundhouse to Midas which make a big scratch in Midas's face. Then followed by the Shellshock,  which removed Midas's head. Barricade won the match !


After Barricade wons alot of match, he was invited to WRB. George gets excited. An employee give George a tour. In the tour, he saws Ravagor (Owned by Fawk Hedhon), Bunker Buster (Owned by Skysteam), and alot of robots. Then, in the end of the tour, he saws Asura. Then George asked to the tour guide man: "Why are Asura has no Mainframe, and then how could he becomes the new champion ?" The tour guide man says: "Asura has this tecnology called "Chimera" mainframe, which makes him has the ability to changes his mainframe like his opponent". George got confused, but he thinks, who is the owner of Asura ? When he asked to the tour guide man, he says: "Tak Mashido is the one who builds this robot. You didn't know ?". George shakes his head. Then George says thankyou to the tour guide man. Then he just remembered that he got a free ticket in a match between Gridlock and Ravagor. Ravagor easily won. So after the match finished, he got home. In the way to home, he passed his friend that named Enzo Ferrari. So he stop by. In Enzo's house, they talked about robot boxing. Then Enzo says: "Did you know, rumor says that Tak Mashido has created a killing machine sponsored by Farra Lemkova ?". "What it looks like ?" Says George. "Well, i dunno, but for sure, Tak Mashido named the new robot Asura. He could change his mainframe into his opponent !" Says Enzo. "I already knew that." Says George. After much talking, George went home. 


When George waked up from his sleep, he saws his mailbox has a inbox. So he go checked his mailbox. When George read his mail, he got suprised. He got challenged by Excavator !!! "WHAT IM GONNA DO ?!?!!!?" Shout George. Then he went to Enzo's house. "That's awesome dude ! You got challenged by a WRB robot ! That means that you are one of the WRB figthers now !" Says Enzo. "Yea, but im not ready yet. If i hardly wins againts Roundhouse, i cant fougth Excavator ! His owner must be more talented then me ! Says George. "Dont worry ! All you need is to believe in your self bro !" Says Enzo. "Thanks for the wise tip, dude !" Says George. Then he goes to WRB. But that time Enzo was coming with him. Enzo was learning boxing, but stopped because a money problem. When they arrived in WRB, he got welcomed by Excavator's owner. "Are you ready ?" Says Excavator's owner. "Not really." Answers George. Then they go to the ring. When the match started, Enzo says: "Dont attack first, just block." Then George followed Enzo's word and blocks. Excavator was an aggresive robot. He trew punches everywhere ! But Barricade just blocked and dodged. Then when Excavator stops, Enzo says: "Quickly ! Give him an uppercut !!" George just followed Enzo's words. And it worked ! After following Enzo's words, Barricade were winning ! But when Barricade trew a roundhouse, Excavator dodged and gave a hard uppercut, which causing Barricade fly really high, and then falled. But Barricade stood up in the 7th count. Excavator lands a hook, but dodged. That time, Enzo ordered George to use the Shellshock. The Shellshock causing Excavator down and got K.O'd. Barricade won the match and became famous.


A week after the match between Excavator vs Barricade, George got a mail that filled with this: "Hello George Stinger ! Dont need meet n greets rigth ? Okay, lets just go to the point. I kinda impressed by your talent at robot boxing kid ! So, i kindly invited you to the Robot Graveyard ! If you wanna join, meet me at the Central Park in 08.00 PM until 09.00 PM. See ya !". "Robot Graveyard ? What that ?" Thinks George. Then he went to Enzo's house. But when he knocks and ring the bell, theres no respons. So he went back home. When he got arrived, he went into his laptop and search "Robot Graveyard". Then he found this: "Robot Graveyard is a tournament where theres going to be a tag team match. The rules are: No Rules ! So that means your robot can use stuffs to kill eachother ! But still no sharp weapons and no guns, just ladders and stuffs. The loser team's robot is going to be buried in 1 week. The winner team both gonna get $ ! Good luck !" George suprised. He was never know that the underworld have that extreme match. Its just like WWE Xtreme Rules ! But with robots. But George still goes to the Central Park at 08.05 PM. Then in there, he met with a guy. He introduced himself as Raiden, from the Koma Club. He tells George alot about Robot Graveyard.  Im impressed by your talent. Midas was unstopable, until he fougth Barricade. So im thinking, how bout Barricade be Scrapper's (Raiden's bot) purdner in the Robot Graveyard ?" "Well.......HELL YEA !!" George answers. "Lets do this !" Says Raiden. Then they both goes into the Robot Graveyard. Raiden signed to be partenerd with George. Their first match was againts Ronin and Russia. Ronin is a robot made in Japan. Remora is dangerous. He has a signature move called "A Samurai's Worst Nigthmare". Russia is a robot made in-well you know where ! He has a signature move called "Vladimir". Wait a minute......wha ??? BTW when the match started, Scrapper lands a uppercut to Ronin and followed by a counter attack. When Ronin got cornered, Scrapper unleashes his signature move called "The Club" which extremly damaged Ronin. Suprisingly, Russia enters the ring before got a tag ! Russia beating up Scrapper. George cant hold it anymore. So George contorlled Barricade's feets to enter the ring. When Russia realized that Barricade is on the ring, Russia runs toward Barricade. But Barricade gives a huge closeline to Russia, which makes Russia to flip 360 degrees. Then Barricade helped Scrapper to stood up. When both Russia and Barricade went outside the ring, Ronin punches Scrapper in the torso, which making Scrapper flies to the middle of the ring. But before Ronin unleashes his signature, Scrapper makes a tag to Barricade. Barricade gives a huge uppercut to Ronin, and then followed by a hook and a cross. But when Barricade gives a uppercut, Ronin dodged and give a full roundhouse to Barricade, but only makes a scratch on Barricade's armor. When Barricade got punch-drunked, Ronin makes a tag to Russia. Russia is aggresive. He trew puches everywhere. Barricade started to weakens. "Oh no !" Says George. But Barricade quickly makes a tag to Scrapper. When Scrapper enters the ring, Russia gives a huge closeline to Roundhouse, but dodged. Scrapper gives a full roundhouse to Russia, which makes Russia fell down. While Scrapper was beating up Russia, George was repairing Barricade. But when Scrapper was beating up Russia, Ronin trew a ladder to Scrapper, which makes Scrapper flies away from Russia. Then Russia took the ladder and started to beating up Scrapper with the ladder. The match was going epic. It last 2 hours 50 minutes. BTW, when Scrapper was beated up, George says to Raiden: "Go make a tag to Barricade ! I have a plan." Then when Russia gives a cross, Scrapper dodges and kick him in da face ! Then Scrapper makes the tag. When Barricade got the tag, Barricade picks up Scrapper and sended Roundhouse fly to Ronin, causing Russia cant make the tag. Barricade started to beat Russia. When Barricade lands an uppercut to Russia, Russia lost his upper chestplate ! That time George realized, that after Russia lost his chestplate, his vital organs were visible. So Barricade gives a full cross to Russia, causing Russia to fell down. Then Barricade rips Russia's head off. The first match was winned by Scrapper and Barricade. YAAYYY !!


After beating and winning the first round in Robot Graveyard, Raiden and George celebrates in a bar. But when George and Raiden watch the headline (On the TV), the news is that a guy named Simon, challenged George with his robot, Warrior. "Sounds like another bot wants to be beaten." Says Raiden. "Well, i accepted the challenge ! And yes, im gonna kick his ass !!" Shout George. And then they both went to their home. In the next day, George watched the news. George got suprised because Ravagor was challenged by Russia ! "Really ? That robot (Russia) couldnt even beat me !" Says George. 1 hour later, he got a mail. The mail is about Simon challenging George into a match. "Ooo, isnt he is the guy in yesterday's news ? But this challenge could fill my time ! Then he search in the internet "Warrior". Then he found this: "Warrior is a robot owned by a russian guy named Simon. Warrior is aggresive. His first match againts Aquabot only took 3 minutes. And then he challenged Zeus. The match only took 35 minutes. Now the top news is that Simon challenged George Stinger, the man who owned Barricade. The reason he challenged Barricade is: Barricade is a beast. He could knock outed Midas in his second match. So im thinking its going to be epic if Warrior gonna facing Barricade." "GG." Says George. Then he got a call. "Who is this ?" Ask George. "I am the owner of Warrior. So, do you accept the challenge ?" Simon answered. "Yees, i accepted !" "Good. Meet me at the Crash Palace. We see whos stronger there !" Says Simon. And the phone closed. As George's accepted the challenge, he got Barricade in his truck and went to Crash Palace. In there, he saw Midas still being repaired. "It took a long time to repair him after faced Barricade huh ?" Says George. After that, he saw this black colored-robot, beating up Redbot (Bluebot v2.0), until he lost his head. George got out from the truck. He ask one of the man. "Oh. Thats Warrior." Says the man. And then George shouted: "Hey you ! You challenged Barricade rigth ?!" The crowd goes silent and everyone stares to George."Yes." Says one of the crowds. Its Simon, the owner of the Warrior. "I got Barricade now ! Want a match rigth now ?!" Shout George to Simon. "Ofcourse !" Shout Simon back. And then the crowd goes wild. And then the match started. When the match started, i was already gone bruttal. Barricade picks up and trows Warrior into the chains. That caused the chains to broked. And then Warrior runs towards Barricade and tackles him. While Barricade was down, Warrior sits on Barricade's chassic (Stomach) and punching and beating Barricade. After the punching and beating, Barricade kicks Warrior in the chassic, which makes Warrior to fly. The match took 4 hour 59 minutes ! But in the end, the match results is draw and both Simon and George get $1000.


After that 5 houred match was done, Simon and George got friendly. Later, they both becames a best friends. One day, when Simon visited George's house, Simon is planning to make a team based off robot boxing. George agreed. But they haven't got a name for the team. "Ill think about it at home." Says Simon. "Yea, me too !" George replied. So Simon went home. And George is ready to go to bed. But then he remembered something. "Ahh, my room is very very messed up ! Looks like i have to tiddy up my room. AGAIN !" Says George. While tidding up his room, George found a poster. That poster reminds George of the Robot Graveyard. "SHHHOOOOOOTTT !!" Shout George. "How could i forgotted this match ?! I must contact Raiden !" Says George. "OMG !! I forgot ! But Scrapper is in the workshop ! And it took 5 weeks to repair him !" Shout Raiden on the phone. "Aha ! I have an idea ! Could someone replace you if something happens ?" Ask George. "Well, in the rules, it says yes." Raiden answered. "Dont worry bro ! Theres someone thats gonna replace you !" Says George. "Good. As long as his/she's good !" Says Raiden. "His a professional. Dont worry about it !" George answered. "Okay. Good luck dude !!" Says Raiden. Then the phone call closed. George quickly called Simon. "Si-Simon ! I got a good news for ya !" Says George. "Whet news ?" Simon asks. "My partner at the Robot Graveyard's robot is being repaired. So i need someone to replace him. And youre the guy !" Shout George excited. "REALLY ?! YES !! IM GONNA BURRY ALL OF OUR OPPONENT !!" Shout Simon in the phone. "Good. Meet me at the Central Park." Says George to Simon. But and then a strange thing happened. The phone got cutted and then a mysterious sound came out. "Really George ? Is that all you got ? Your Burried-cade made it to the second round ? Well, im not gonna only destroy  your robot, but im gonna destroy what you carred about to." And then the phone closed. "WTF ?! Who the hell is talking on the phone ?! Well never mind, i gotta focus for the second round." Says George. When the day of the second round comes, George went to Simon's house. "The match started at 09.00 PM rigth ?" Ask Simon to George. "Yea. And theres still alot of time for upgrade and repair !" George answered. "O yeah ! I didnt remember about that ! Lets upgrade our bot !" Says Simon. Then they both repairing and upgrading their robots. The upgrade and repair time took 7 hours. Until nigth comes !! "Wow ! I cant believe this upgrade took that long time !" Says George to Simon. "Yea !" Simon replied. Barricade got a new armor. And then he got a new system called "Auto-Repair System", aka the reconstruction ability. And he got a new color. The new color is red. And then theres a fire-scheeme on his fists. And added a knuckles on Barricade's fists. -Warrior's upgrade is on the Warrior's page-. BTW, after the upgrade time, they went to the Robot Graveyard. "This is going to be epic !" Says George to Simon. "Hell yea !" Simon replied. When they entered the place, the registration guy says to George: "Your partner is Raiden, not that guy !". "Ooh ! This guy is gonna replace Raiden. His bot is on the workshop." George replied. "Oh. Welcome then !" Says the regristration guy. Then they both entered the place. In the second round, they gonna facing Rosco and Sparta. Like Midas, Sparta has a red-tall mohawk. He has a signature move called "Mohawk Blast". Rosco is a robot that has a heigth as tall as Atom. He has a signature move called "Micro Bust". BTW, when the match started, Rosco gives his low punch to Warrior, but barrely give him a scratch. Warrior picks up Rosco and trow him into Sparta, causing to make both of them fell out from the ring. Then Warrior makes a tag to Barricade. Barricade then jump  out from the ring and jump in top of of Sparta and Rosco. After Barricade hit them both, Warrior run from the side of the ring and run towards Sparta, then tackled Sparta. But then Rosco gives the Micro Bust ! But that only gives a small scratch in Barricade's armor. Barricade then pushed Rosco into the barricades. Then Barricade run towards Rosco really really fast, and gives Rosco a powerfull Spear (Barricade's secret move), which causing Rosco to snapped into half. "Yeaaaaaaa !!!!!" Shout George. But then Sparta towards Warrior and gives a closeline on Warrior, causing Warrior to flip 360 degrees. And then that closeline continued to Barricade, which causing Barricade to flip 360 degrees too ! Then Sparta sits on Barricade's chassis and starts to beating up Barricade. Then Warrior picks up a ladder, and then smashed Sparta in the head, causing Sparta to flies into the crowds. After Warrior helps Barricade to stood up, they both started to beating up Sparta. But Sparta then kicks both Barricade and Warrior's chassis. With a ladder, Sparta smashes Warrior's head. When its Barricade's turn to be smashed, Barricade dodged and swings a hook to Sparta, and then followed by a counter attack. When Sparta crouched, Warrior kicks Sparta in the head really hard, causing Sparta lost his head. The second round is winned by Barricade and Warrior ! YAAAAAYYYYYY !!!


After they won the second round, of course, they celebrated their winnings in a club. When they were in the club, they discused about the name of the team. "How bout RoboPounders ?" Simon asks. "Thats to stiff. How bout  BeetBoxerz ?" George gives an idea. "We are not beet boxers, you know !



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