Barnicle "The Fast Drive"


Story of Finding Barnicle

A guy named Clober Antonillio, a Filipino, stumbled upon Metal Valley. Until he found a sign saying, "Bury me". Clober did, and he found a bot named Barnicle, lying on the ground. No one knows who buried him.


Barnicle shares the same variety of fists from Shredder. Barnicle also has Shock Armor, which prevents him from scans. The rest is an inherit of some traits from Shredder.

Barnicle is 8'4 and he weighs 1466 lbs, heavy enough to absorb the heaviest blow. His main special move is Sandwich Slam, which is a renamed Nukefist to the body.

He also sacrifices the Foot Trap Move of Metro.

Final Smash

Being the rip-off move of Barnicle, he places his hands beside the opponent's head. Then he uses his right arm to hook the head. Then he uses the left hand to slice the right arm if his oponent. Lastly, he nukefists the opponent's head.

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