A rather strange 'bot created from an old friend of legendary robot boxer Janise Keri, Astrid Hayes, Banner was made out of the need to be one of the most formidable robot boxers. Designed with the underworld and WRB in mind, Banner has an assortment of integrated combat maneuvers for the WRB (With a random move generator) and fist based weaponry designed to improve her chances in a fight.

Unlike most bots, Banner can be equipped with multiple pieces of equipment, making her a mix-and-match sort of robot. While this means she can't change up a fight like Ragnorak's Overdrive, it also gives her a couple of toys to play with in order to secure a quick victory. Just ask Aquabot. Oh wait, he's scrap.

Interestingly, Banner has wrestling based moves. These seem to be for the underworld. It is later revealed that Banner used to be used in Underworld Cage Fights, explaining these brutal wrestling moves.

SPEED: 97/100

POWER: 96/100 (110/100 with Big Bang Module equipped)

ARMOR: 93/100 (100/100 with Montagne Armor equipped)

INTELLIGENCE: 78/100 (54/100 with Thatch Module equipped)

SPECIAL: 98/100

OVERALL: 462/500



ANNOUNCER'S QUOTE: Surviving the crash of Ragnorak, Fiendish and Notorious for her arsenal, Introducing BANNER!

Moves: Thumper, Home Run, Ban Hammer, RPG-7, Double Up, No-Sell, Chernobyl Home Run, Chernobyl Ban Hammer, Denmark Dive, Concussive Feedback, Escape, Copy Copy, Full Metal Uppercut

Chassis: D-4KE "Rhino"

Plating: Hot-pressed Boron-Ceramic-Chromium Plating



Before being redesigned for actual boxing fights, Banner had a more skeletal and agile appearance. Instead of specialized Hot-Pressed plating, Banner had rather soft, traditional steel plating that was designed mostly for softening blows rather than outright absorbing them, hence a rather weak appearance.

Banner's head was originally a military helmet, explaining its rather makeshift and hasty appearance.

Nowadays, Banner's current appearance seems to have taken inspiration from medieval aged armor. She has a visor that expands from the sides, and a rather thickly built armor setting built to dissipate the force of punches.

Extra Info


Banner is uniquely made to be customized multiple times over with different modules that allow her to variate her attacks. Originally designed for Cage Fights, Banner uses less modules than she did back in the day, with only a few at her disposal, the most notable ones being the Thatch, Montagne, and Big Bang. The Thatch module lowers Banner's intelligence, relying on more manual control and its handler's judgment, which can help in a fight. the Montagne module adds an extra layer of armor to Banner, making it harder to deal damage, and the Big Bang takes advantage of gun pneumatics (extra knuckles set off a primer, explosion sets off mountains of gunpowder within the fist, causing it to shoot forward) to double the force.

"Chernobyl" Moves

Strangely, Banner can enhance his attacks with "Chernobyl" Moves. These particular attacks seem to cause extra damage, though their exact mechanics are unknown. It may have something to do with small hydrogen thrusters all over the body, which raise speed a tiny bit.

Move Details


  • Home Run: Banner rushes the opponent, hitting them with a flash to stun them. While the opponent is staggered, Banner goes for a hook combo behind them before finishing it off with a straight right at the face. Against lighter bots, this is usually enough to knock them down, hence the Home Run name.
  • Thumper: A move inspired by sledge fist, Banner knocks into the opponent, and doing a return stroke after the initial punch


  • Banner is referred to through female pronouns, interestingly.
  • Banner's name was given to her due to the fact that in the WRB, some people are forced for underhanded tactics. In doing so, they are disqualified from the match, hence Banner.
  • Before earning her name, Banner's original "Name" was Rifle.
  • The 08 on it's chest pad is 2 digits of it's serial number: 08-542-365. This is its armor pattern: Model 08, Build 542, Style 365.
  • Banner's hot-pressed boron ceramic plating is actually the composition of Rainbow Six Siege's Rook's armor plates. For power scaling reasons, these have been buffed to take powerful blows rather than just small arms fire.
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