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Bandit "The Marauder Bot"


Bandit is a bot that is currently owned by James Lightning.

Bandit was built by James Lightning using money from a random lottery drawing. He was then taken to Crash Palace for his first fight. He fought against some of the less powerful bots such as Bluebot and Aquabot and did well, defeating both robots relatively quickly. James got too cocky and decided to take on Midas. He was carried out of the ring in pieces after the fight. James was out of cash, having spent it all on building Bandit and his other prize money wasn't enough. He had no money left to rebuild his robot.


Marauder Combo- Right, Left, Right, left punches to the head followed by a right hook to the body.

Shoulder Breaker- A massive straight punch to the joint that connects the arm to the body.

Rip off

Bandit Barrage- A right hook to the body followed by four left handed punches to the body. Then Bandit does a left hook to the head followed by a decapatating right uppercut.

A fix up by Laserman

When Laserman noticed James Lightning, he took all the parts of Bandit and fixed them up with a stronger body.

Chapter 2

After being fixed up by Laserman, Bandit was taken back to Crash Palace for a rematch against Midas. This time James was more familiar with the controls of Bandit. Midas started beating up Bandit but Bandit shoved Midas into a corner. James then used Bandit's "Shoulder Breaker" move and disabled Midas' arm. With Midas unable to move one of his arms, Bandit finished him with the "Bandit Barrage" and won the fight.

After the match

After the rematch against Midas, James Lightning received a invitation to a W.R.B tag team tournament and since he had no partner, He decided to be Laserman's partner for the Tournament. The first fight was against Golden Atom and Golden Blac Jac. It lasted for nearly 30 seconds since Bandit and Laserman dashed to the other robots and used their ripoffs, destroying them. After the fight, Bandit and James Lightning became more popular than ever!

James received a lot of invitations and challenges from people wanting to fight. He defeated some of the less powerful robots such as Blacktop, Six Shooter and even Metro (who was rebuilt for about the 10th time).

Upgrade time!

After fighting in the WRB for a while and winning many prizes, James thought it was time for a major upgrade. He redid Bandit's armor with a secret type of metal. It is extremely strong and lightweight. It is also very resistant to other substances, such as acid or fire. His fist were plated with multiple thin layers of this secret material to do more damage. He also a few more minor upgrades, like putting in a new power core that gives Bandit's stats a decent boost.

But James had an idea. He decided to add a sort of overload function, called "Marauder Mode". This mode allows Bandit to send off one, blindly fast, barrage of punches. When this is activated, he is temporally given a speed and power boost. This is only used as a last resort, as it severely damages Bandit's core and power supply.