Bailey Tallet is the childhood friend and love intrest of Charlie Kenton.

Bailey Tallet is the childhood friend and love interest to Charlie Kenton. She is the daughter of Charlie's late boxing coach. She loves Charlie's son Max Kenton like her own and shows him love when Charlie doesn't. She owns a boxing gym where once her father coached Charlie and other boxers. Now she uses it as a place to repair and scavenge bot parts whenever Charlie loses a robot match.

CHARLIE AND BAILEY: Charlie doesn't show any love interest in Bailey except as his "mechanic" and respect because of her father. Charlie soon faces reality about himself and realizes how he backs out on everything because he felt those around him deserved better. He confesses to Bailey about why he left Max and his mother as he believed he was not ready to be a father. Bailey comforts him as he admits his love to Bailey by softly kissing her. She then tearly says "1200 miles for a kiss?" as he replies "worth it". He then goes to apologize to his son after and takes him to the match.

SKILLS: She's a skilled Technician and Mechanic for all of Charlie's Bots and Max's Bot Atom

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