The heavyweight backbreaker from the depths of the Crashpalace, here’s...Backblast!” - Announcer quote

Name: Backblast, “The Heavyweight Backreaker from the Depths of the Crashpalace

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Annihilator

Handler: Braden H.


Overall Stats

Strength: 100/100

Armor: 85/100

Speed: 20/100

Special: 75/100

Intelligence: 50/100


When Braden, was young his dad was robot handler. After Braden’s dad died in a car accident, the robot was critically damaged. Braden took the robot and repaired it, along with mixing in parts from other half-finished robots his father had been working on. He called this extremely heavy robot “Backblast”, and set off to fight his first opponent, Aquabot.

The match began. Backblast gave him the old one-two, and then a haymaker. Aquabot simply fell over. The next week, Backblast went against Bluebot and Blacktop. After a few days of trying to improve Backblast Braden was beat finding no way to improve his bot. (Day of the fight)

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