Axelrod ready to fight
Vital statistics
Title "The Wheel-Spinning Fist-Fighter"
Generation 3
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser
Status Destroyed (possibly rebuilt)

Name: Axelrod

Title/Nickname: "The Wheel-Spinning Fist-Fighter"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Handler: Nigel Helvink

Status: Destroyed (Possibly Rebuilt)


Overall Stats

Strength: 76/100

Speed: 78/100

Armour: 59/100

Intelligence: 60/100

Special Moves: 60/100

Total Battle Rating: 4673

Made in: France

Signature Moves: "Double-Glove Mime-Punch", "The Wheelhouse", "WrestleHeck"

                           Super Mime Punch (Bluebot)

                           Ultra Mime Punch (Aquabot)

Specialties: Striped Decal (Purely aesthetic, designed to look like a car.)

Handler: Industrial Generation CORP.(Old Owners)

Announcer's Quote: "Here's the Wheel-Spinning Fist-Fighter...Axelrod!"


  • Axelrod's head barely attach
  • Axelrod punched into half by Zeus
  • Whats left of Axelrod

Axelrod is a French WRB robot who was defeated by Zeus and is known as "The Wheel-Spinning Fist-Fighter". He weighs in at 718 stone. (LBS)

When he was destroyed by Zeus, his entire lower body was severed leaving his legs absent, his neck broken, and he had what seemed a system crash as his fists kept moving, even when he was destroyed.


Axelrod fighting stance

Axelrod has striped colorings and a French blue-blood like appearance. His arms are too small, which limits his reach, and this explains why he got beaten up by Zeus. He also has a human-like faceplate.

Real Steel Games

4 Axelrod Card

Real Steel IOS

Axelrod is a bot that is released shortly after Gridlock. Axelrod's range of blow may be short, but this robot packs a punch. He is normally suited for close combat.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Axelrod is a Good WRB I fighter for Pros. He is next to Gridlock and can be unlocked after receiving a free robo-pass or collect him in the Daily Award. He used to have Corrosive Fists ability, which made his attack moves cause damage over time. After the next update, he retains his moveset. He appears to be better than his previous appearance.

Real Steel Champions

Axelrod is among the returning robots from Real Steel World Robot Boxing. However, he isn't among the Legends but comes in separate parts. One of his arms & one of his legs will be (mostly) given to starting players for free (other limbs are Pinhead's).

His parts can be bought & mixed with ones from other robots to create your own robots. You can also build your Axelrod with his parts (the game still considered him as a customized robot). His parts can be bought with different ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elemental). His look will change after he changes his rank.


  • Axelrod has the shortest punching range. That's why he got destroyed.
  • However, in Real Steel Champions, his arms are considerably longer. This improves his combat range.
  • Unlike all the other robots Axelrod has the most human-like face, it is possible his faceplate was salvaged from a Generation 1 robot.
  • Axelrod's shop description on the Real Steel iOS game says he is from Italy, but in Real Steel World Robot Boxing he is stated to hail from France. A similar error can be found on both of Gridlock's shop descriptions, which states that he is from Switzerland in the iOS game, but the WRB game states he is from Italy. His announcer's quote says he is from Switzerland, though. However, Axelrod "hailing from" France means that he got famous in France, while he originates from Italy.
  • His mainframe is either weak or Zeus has high raw power, considering how he was destroyed.
  • In the film, during the scene where Charlie drives past the Starfire Arena (where Zeus vs. Axelrod takes place), Max is seen waking up in the truck seat, holding a WRB magazine with Axelrod on the cover.
  • In the Real Steel WRB game, he has the most human-like face, with Touch Down coming in 2nd and Cosmobot in 3rd.
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