Name: Axe

Title/Nickname: The Axe Headed Buster

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Bruiser 

Status: Offline/Working

Handler: Unknown

Health Status


The One And Only Axe!

Strength: 48/100

Speed: 83/100

Special: 32/100

Armor: 24/100

Power: 89/100

Health: 28/100

Intelligence: 24/100

Card Information

Ability: Corrosive Fists

Origin: Canada

Weight: 1043 Lbs

Height: 8 '0"

Special Feature: Axe Head

Signature Move: Gut Buster 


Axe has a dark red color with some white trimming. His head appears to be like an Axe. (The head was created to cut through steel). There are two L.E.Ds on each side that give a rustic yellow glow. Axe has an exposed abdomen and a chest with a wide line in the middle. Made for heat in the motherboard to cool. His fists are square with a narrow ending and have black dots that have more damage.  The feet look like block buster.

Fight Style

Axe Likes To Barrage With Light Attacks, Then He Does A Move. He Repeats This Pattern Until The Other Robot Is Destroyed. 

The Special- Kicks The Chest, Barrages Chest, Punches Head Twice, Then Lands A Blow To The Gut.

Fights Before Fallen

Axe vs. Fat boy: Winner: Axe

Axe's before card.

Axe vs. Meteor: Winner: Axe

Axe vs. Blockbuster: Winner: Axe

Axe vs. Impact: Winner: Axe

Axe vs. Hammer: Winner: Hammer

Axe vs. Impact: Winner: Impact

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