Name: Atom Prime Frost

Title: Unknown

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Status: Online


Atom Prime Frost is a fightable opponent in the Real Steel: Champions game. He is the third enemy in the Region 5 tier after Lothar Shock and prior to Zeus Inferno. He is much bigger, taller and stronger than the original Atom since his stats are almost maxed up. If the player is not properly equipped or upgraded, they will most likely lose the fight for Atom Prime being extremely powerful and dangerous. In the other hand, if the player has good skills, elemental advantage, or is simply well equipped, then this opponent may not be a major problem. He's painted with dark gray metallic paint with red trimmings and lights. He's barely reminiscent to Atom.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing Atom!"


Health: 16226

Attack: 1360

Critical: 2131

Special: 1868

RGN-5: 2221

Boost: Full Defense



Origin: USA

Ability: -

Weight: 900 lbs

Height: 8'3"

Feature: Shadow Mode

Element: Ice

Special Moves:

1.- Depth Charge (Aquabot)

2.- Super Blue In Da Face (Bluebot)

3.- Ultra Mime Punch (Axelrod)



Atom Prime Frost, unlike Atom, has a pretty aggressive, menacing and almost scary look. He is painted mostly in dark gray with red trimmings and lights. There are some features that are kept from his original version like the head band and the disc on his back, otherwise he'd probably be unrecognizable. He is way taller than his G2 counterpart and has a more robust armor. His fists are also pretty large, while his feet are rather on the small side.

He still has his small eyes, only his faceplate has been modified, now having a mask which makes him look more menacing and aggressive. His torso, shoulders and thighs are more robust than ever, and his name has been completely removed from his chest. The Atom we all know and love is long gone and has been replaced with this killing machine.

He's most likely handled by either Max Kenton, since Charlie or Bailey would be too old at this time to keep boxing and handling Atom. His fighting style has also changed from a clean boxing style to a dirty street fighting style.



Head: Atom Prime (Ice Elements Grade)

Torso: Atom Prime (Ice Elements Grade)

Right Arm: Atom Prime (Ice Elements Grade)

Left Arm: Atom Prime (Ice Elements Grade)

Right Leg: Atom Prime (Ice Elements Grade)

Left Leg: Atom Prime (Ice Elements Grade)



Intro: Twin Cities

Heavy Attacks: Jawbreaker, Stock H2, Spin Knuckle, Knock Down

Special Move: Depth Charge

Finisher: Gridlock

Win: Aquabot


Base: Black 2

Body: Black 2

Accent: Red 1



  • He is as tall as Zeus now.
  • He has massive fists in comparison to most robots.
  • His name has been completely removed from his chest.
  • If you take all his paint away, he looks like an astronaut bot, reminiscent to Cosmobot.
  • He has a mask now, which makes him look more menacing.
  • His feet are tiny in comparison to the rest of his body.
  • He still keeps his back disk and his head band.
  • He has a dirtier fighting style than his original counterparts.
  • He's the strongest version of Atom in the whole RS franchise.
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