Name: Atom Prime

Title: The People's Champion

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Atom Prime is the strongest, most advanced and most powerful version of Atom. He is faster, stronger and more endurable than his original counterpart. His look is also more advanced than the original Atom's. He has better stats in every way compared to Atom's in both games, WRB and Champions, plus in the Real Steel Champions game despite both of them being Legend robots, Atom Prime is still stronger. In the fandom he's commonly seen as Atom's older brother since he's stronger and a little bit larger.

Announcer's Quote: "Hailing from parts unknown, it's The People's Champion! Here's Atom!"


Health: 3600

Attack: 272

Critical: 416

Special: 561

RNG: 105

Boost: Double Damage


Atom Prime 005

Origin: USA

Ability: Show Stopper

Weight: 614 lbs

Height: 7'6 3/4"

Feature: Shadow Mode

Special Moves:

1.- Prime's Revenge (Atom)

2.- Super Prime's Revenge (Touchdown)

3.- Ultra Prime's Revenge (Camelot)


Atom Prime 006

Atom Prime is mostly colored in pearl white paint with orange and gun metal gray parts. He has slightly larger eyes and his lights are in a more intense cyan blue tone. His chassis in general is larger and bulkier than the original Atom's. His appearance and colors make him look like an astronaut or a space robot. His headband has two lighter lines of a lighter color, he has two LED lights in the middle of the chest whick look like plasma spheres. His name is slightly moved towards the right, but it's almost in the center of his upper chest. His fists are bigger than the original ones, but they aren't articulated anymore. Atom Prime has no dents on his chassis at all, unlike Atom who had several tears and dents all over his body. Atom Prime's paint is also in a much better condition than Atom's, since Atom possibly was silver or chrome, but due to him being abandoned for so long his paint decayed and became a matte light gray with a slight metallic accent and his possibly once bronzed or golden gloves and headband got a matte copper tone. Atom Prime is the strongest version of Atom in the Real Steel WRB game, but he can still be easily outmatched by stronger robots from WRB 1 up if the robot is not properly boosted, buffed or the player is simply not skilled enough to fight stronger robots. However, in the Real Steel Champions game, Atom Prime is way stronger than Atom when they're respectively maxed up. Atom Prime even appears in the Story Mode with the name of Atom Prime Frost, which is a bigger and more menacing looking version of him due to he's colored in black paint with red lights. This is the only time in the Story Mode that any version of Atom appears in Real Steel Champions.


  • Atom Prime is the only version of Atom that appears on Story Mode in the Real Steel Champions game. This is on Fight 3 of Region 5.
  • His paint makes him look related to outer space.
  • He's still not introduced in the Real Steel iOS game.
  • His special move's name is renamed from "Uppercut" to "Prime's Revenge" for some still unknown reason.
  • He's stronger than the original Atom in both the games he appears in.
  • He still keeps some features from his original version like the disc in the middle of his upper back or his leg design from the knee down.
  • The lights in the middle of his chest look like the plasma spheres people commonly use as decoration.
  • It's still unclear if he'd be able to beat Zeus if he appeared in the movie.
  • Unlike Noisy Boy and Cardinal Chaos, Atom and Atom Prime share the same heavy attacks.
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