Atom Gold is a WRB-G robot in the game Real Steel World Robot Boxing. He is the golden version of Atom.


Base Stars: 251

Base Health: 8600

Base Power: 624

Base Special: 87

Ability 1: Showstopper (20% chance every 9 hits to make Special Attacks unblockable for 4.3 seconds. Upgrading increases chance.)

Ability 2: Lethal Strike (When health drops below 20%, Special Attack 2 damage is 20% opponent's current health or actual special attack damage, capable of a knockout blow. Upgrading increases health %.)


  • Atom Gold's Stage 3 and 7 appearance seem to not show any changes, like the other WRB-G robots.
  • There is a custom robot based on Atom Gold, Atom 2.0.
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