AT2.0 Lore

After the nail-biting fight versus Zeus, Charlie and Max Kenton decided to upgrade their robot. After some time upgrading Atom, he is now Atom 2.0, or just AT2.0 as I will refer to in this lore. So, AT2.0 went on a winning streak against bots like Albino, Abandon, and Fiend, and Crimson Carnage in the WRB, and against Aquabot, Bluebot Fat Boy, and Hollowjack back in the Underworld. AT2.0 would then win his bout against Zeus to face the then-current WRB champ, Denster.

AT2.0 fought well and hard against the Explosive Steel Fighter, but that apparently was not enough. On the third round of the championship bout, Denster landed a CK Electric and a Power Thrill at the perfect timing to knock down AT2.0 for 9 seconds, nearly a knockout. AT2.0 stood up again and nearly knocked down Denster with a Charlie Special. Denster was not done yet, though.

With an activation of Sterdrive and an execution of Hard Smash would leave AT2.0 flying off the ring. With Denster's victory and championship defense, AT2.0's 8 match winning streak would end.

Unsurprisingly, Charlie was disappointed by the loss. He felt that he got enough of AT2.0, and so, he would sell him for a good amount of cash. Days later, Eric Masolm would buy the golden robot for the said "good amount of cash".

Masolm and AT2.0, looking excited, went on a winning streak, this time, a 14-game streak. Their path for the WRB belt has come to a close; AT2.0's long time rival, Denster (now Drazi), was waiting at the end of the "path". Masolm prepped AT2.0 for the fight, and hoped that he can snatch the belt away from The Ripper Wing.

And so he did.


The Golden Junkyard Dog holding the WRB Championship belt up high after the upset versus Drazi.

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