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Name: Atom

Nickname: "The People's Champion", "The Junkyard Bot"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Sparring Bot


After Noisy Boy was destroyed, Charlie Kenton needed a new robot, so he and Max Kenton went to a junkyard to salvage parts to create a new robot. After Max fell off a hill and got snagged on a robot arm, he discovered that it was an entire robot. Max used a hook connected to their cart to hoist up Atom out of the ditch. Later, Max cleaned off Atom to discover his name written on his chest. After lots of begging from Max, Charlie agreed to take Atom to The Zoo to fight. Max got Atom a fight with Metro, and after taking a pounding in the first round, Atom dodged his previous downfall, and with a quick double uppercut, Atom gave Metro a system malfunction, and won $2,000.

A bystander invited the two to a fight, and Atom went on a winning streak. After defeating robots such as Black Top, Six Shooter and more, they finally got invited to an official WRB fight with Twin Cities. Despite the fact that the opponent's technology was much more advanced, Atom won yet again, and Max challenged Zeus to a fight.

At the fight, despite suffering an initial disavantage, Atom mananged, round after round, to effectively fight back and even almost knocking him out. However, at the end of Round 4, Zeus damaged Atom's vocal control, and Max convinces his father to use his Shadow Mode, allowing Atom to use the moves of whoever controls him. At the start of the final Round, Charlie puts himself on the defensive and lets himself be beaten by Zeus, but once the latter runs out of energy, he easily turns on the tables and even managed to knock down the King of the Robots. Yet, the ring bells and Zeus still stands, and the judges vote for a close victory for the latter, yet Atom is the moral winner of the match, and he's nominated the People's Champion.

Fighting Style

Charlie Kenton trained Atom to use his small size to his advantage by punching up and using inertia to create more force. His main form of attacks are right hooks and an uppercut finisher. However, his fighting set is pre-programed moves, which can be easily intercepted due to the fact that they can't change; however, his shadow boxing feature and the ability to create new combos via basic commands can compensate for said weaknesses. He fights his opponents by finding and attacking weaknesses and openings until they close, and then (if needed) he starts again.

Height: 7'6"
Weight: 700 lbs
Trainer: Charlie Kenton
Handler: Max Kenton
Special Moves: Jumping Straight, Rolling Uppercut, Double Uppercut, Charlie Special, Dancing Body Blow Combo, Showboat (not really a combo, but can be used as a move)
Special Feature: Shadow Mode (allows the robot to imitate the owner's movements)
Improvements: G2 remote controller salvaged from Ambush, then voice recognition system salvaged from Noisy Boy (damaged in the battle against Zeus and substituted with Shadow Mode)

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Atom is an Underworld 1 fighting bot that can be unlocked for 110 Real Gold (although sometimes he will cost 10% less depending on the day). He is more expensive than some other premium bosses (possibly due to his popularity).

Health: 1500
Damage: 104
Ability: Showstopper
Special Moves:

  1. Uppercut
  2. Super Uppercut (Touchdown)
  3. Ultra Uppercut (Camelot)

Announcer's Quote: "Hailing from parts unknown, it's the People's Champion! Here's... Atom!"

Gold Version

A Gold Version of Atom. Gold bots have much higher stats than the original versions. However, there are no visible changes shown in stages 3 and 7.

Atom G.png


  • In the official picture, Atom's headband and gloves are brown, but they are bronze in the movie, although it could be just the lighting.
  • Atom is the only known robot in the movie to have some level of sentience. This was proven when Max asked Atom if he could understand him, to which he gently nodded in reply.
  • If you look closely at his face, you can see a tear in the mesh which makes him as if smiling.
  • His name "ATOM" maybe be a reference to his small size compared to most other robots.
  • According to Hugh Jackman (Charlie), Atom was also once Gamma's sparring bot.
  • Due to Atom's design as a sparring robot, he is argrubly the most durable bot in the series.
  • When moving, he appears to make a medium pitch hum.
  • Atom is shown to move faster in shadow mode than using the voice recognition.
  • He is the only bot in the Real Steel movie to not have a faceplate.
  • Despite having a strong enough build to withstand Zeus' attacks in the movie, Atom is extremely weaker than Zeus in the game Real Steel WRB; thus, extreme precaution must be taken to ensure victory over Zeus. However, players can spend some gold to buff Atom to be as strong as the opponent.
  • Interestingly, he and Zeus (as well as their Gold versions and Scorpio) are the only robots in Real Steel WRB whose head and limbs can not be torn off when you do a Finishing Move on them.
  • Atom's stats were buffed in the iOS game, in comparison to earlier games.