Name: Athen

Nickname: Pantheon Destroyer

Type: Annihilator

Intro: "Here comes the Pantheon Destroyer, the one who made Mountain Olympus fall, Athen!"

Height: 9ft 10in

Weight: 2000 lb


Strength: 200/100 (1000/1000 Destruction)

Defense: 100/100

Speed: 40/100

SP: 100/100 (1000/1000 Destruction)

Creator: ???

Handler: Jack Norman (now), ??? (then)

Signature Moves:

Throw 'n Step (Ripoff): Athen holds the enemy up, drops them down, and steps on their head 5 times, making the head popped out.

Throw 'n Punch (SP): Athen throws the enemy onto the other side of the arena, lunge at them, hold them up, punch them in the chest, and throw them again.

Destruction (Buff): X10 Damage and SP skill for Athen, Athen's knuckles shine red.

Dawn Of Pantheon (Destruction Ripoff): If Athen still has Destruction on, he kicks the enemy head off, drills in to make a hole that fits the enemy head, and puts it in there.

Fist Charger (Special): Athen charges his right fist, and punching it, hopefully knock them out, or worse, knock their systems out, or less worser than systems out, ripoff.



Chapter 1: Savarage

One day, Savarage was practicing with a sparring bot, Jack received a message.

"Beat me, and you will get your prize. Not participating or lose, and I will kill your family, friends, and you, and that bot is mine for the taking." -Unknown

So then Jack drive to the warehouse, but first he gets some hot dogs...

"Ha. So you came." ??? said. "Who are you?" Jack said, hoping for an answer. "You shall see. Soon." he said, and then out of nowhere, Athen came down from the sky.

Savarage lunged to Athen, only to be laying on the ground and get stepped. Savarage was hurt badly in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round, until he kicked Athen as a counterattack in which Athen tried to punch Savarage. In the fifth round, Savarage put Rage Mode on, and his corrupted left arm was on, which he used to claw Athen BRUTALLY.

Athen's body was ripped badly and every part of him was out of the mainframe.

Athen's handler ran away, only to be caught by the cops, and as a thank you for helping gift, the cops gave Jack the remote.

Chapter 2: Zeus

After fixing Athen, Jack gave Athen a test run... On Zeus.

Zeus was hit by Athen a lot in the first three rounds, only to be annihilated on the 4th round... More fixing...

Chapter 3: Underworld

"Sigh. Back to the underworld for me..." Jack said.

Fatboy. A victim of 10 steps and 5 throws. Noisy Boy. A fresh head.

Biowar. When he was trying to "shoot" Athen, it backfires, and his head was popped by his own gun.

Atom Gold. Even normal Atom has to be freaked out by how much rips were happening for this poor guy.

Bluebot and Aquabot. 2 more fresh heads. Bluebot. Drilled and placed. Aquabot. Headpopped.

Jack thinks he is ready.

Chapter 4: Metro

"Haven't seen this guy for a while." Jack said.

Metro tried to foot clamp Athen, only to be foot clamp himself. While foot clamping Metro, Athen used all of his power on his right fist, and he drilled a hole in Metro's power core. Metro is now on the other side.

Chapter 5: Zeus Rematch

The rematch with Zeus was tough. Athen was closed to being knocked out, but somehow survived Round 4. Athen knocked Zeus's power system from the Fist Charger in Round 5. Athen wins.

Chapter 6: WRB

After fighting with Zeus, Jack wanted to test if he could beat the WRB (Again).

Albino. Just when his neck with back, Athen, knowing that it's not a ripoff, held Albino up, and smacked him onto the floor, making the head crushed. Win.

Hollowjack. Pumpkin head, GONE.

Touchdown Stage 7. A big, fresh power core.

Tackle. Another fresh power core.

Cardinal Chaos. Head ripped.

Cardinal Chaos and Noisyboy. 2 more heads are ripped.

Jack thinks he is ready.

Chapter 7: Twincities GOLD

"Heh. So you are back. Want to share anymore bags with me?" Jack said.

Twincities Gold lunged at Athen. "I guess not." Jack said, and immediately blocked T.C.G. and threw him to the other side of the arena. Before Twincities Gold could get up, Athen held him up, and dropped him outside the arena. Athen wins.

Chapter 8: Atom

When Charlie and Atom came, Charlie immediately saw Athen. "Hey, is that your new bot?" he said. "Yes" Jack said, "Want him to fight with you?" "Sure." Charlie said.

Atom tried to hit The Charlie Special on Athen, but missed and was hit a counter Throw 'n Punch by Athen. Athen punched Atom ALOT when Atom was down, but it seemed like Atom was not taking any damage, then Atom quickly got up and uppercutted Athen HARD in the face, knocking some of his system out. Athen was weaker than ever now, and Atom quickly uppercutted Athen out of the ring.

"So you win," Jack said, "Even Savarage had an easy time with this guy."

Chapter 9: The End?

After using Athen, Jack was tired of him, but he still use Athen to this day.


Special Parts:

Heavyweight: Athen has high defense and high damage.

Heavy Armor: Athen almost never feels any punches, and he can punch really hard, but he is slow.

Booster Core: Athen's core is on the hands, boosting damage even more. It shines red when he uses Destruction.

Killer Knuckle: Athen has a 25% chance that he will knockout enemies in one punch.

Second Chance: Athen can escape getting knocked out and regain 50% health.

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