Name: Asylum

Alias: The Mad Lockdown

Origin: Australia

Signature: No Escape


Armour: 8.8/10

Power: 10/10

Speed: 9.8/10

Height: 9'8"

Weight: 985 lbs


1.The Founder

George is a fan of WRB. He's been dreaming to be a robot champ, or atleast, robot owner. One of his favorite robot is Zeus. George was born in Australia. When he grew up, he realized that there were alot of underworld robot clubs. Krazy once attempted to build a robot, but he didn't have enough materials to finish the project. So he left it.

2. How it Began

One day, George went through a website called "eParts". He got curious, so he visited the website. How surprised he were when he realized, theres alot of robot parts! George got excited. In his mind thinking about continiuing the abandoned project. In the next day, George bought all of the materials that he need. Now he's ready to build.

3. Constructing the Nightmare


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