NAME: Astro "The Astro-nut"


BOT TYPE: Pipe Cleaner Buzzer RC Sledge Robot Model 7

HANDLER: Fin Igglesden

Astro is a British/English WRB voice recog bot who also contains a shadow function and remote control. Due to the fact he is a "RC" bot he was made for handheld control but when he was manufactured a voice recog was still input in him along with shadow function. He also has a sledgehammer on his left arm just like Metro .


Astro has a very advanced head. His holographic face changes his emotions when in battle, angry and smiling when winning and maybe innocent looking when being smashed. When in battle in Twin Cities (where he was on the floor for 10 secs and lost but not destroyed) his screen came up with "Err" like a calculator.


One day din was watching tv. He wished that be would also have a bot like noisy or atom. Alll he had was a pipe cleaner. Suddenly fin had an idea. Taking help of his brother, he rebuil his pipe cleaner into a fighting bot. Its first fight was with blacktop and astro won easily. Then he took astro to crash palace. There he fought noisy boy gold who had returned from wrb luckily. He defeated predater next. Fin was challenged by zeus in a wrb ring and astro was lucky to come out in one piece. Soon after astro was repaired by the zeus fight, the hammerfall partners challenged Fin. Fin lost. Soon there was a rematch and Astro won against twin cities. At last astro challenged fiend and lost its sledge hammer but it was still a draw. Astro challenged greatshark and was the first one to defeat grreat shark. Then there was a rematch and greatshark won destroying astros torso and head. After months astro was rebuilt and it fought abandon and won. Soon astro fought ravagor and was defeated and it couldnt be repaired again.


  • Astro was in a fight with Twin Cities but was down for 10 seconds and lost and did not need repairing.
  • Astro's latest fight was against Abandon in the WRB and won by taking of one of his legs.
  • Astro is so advanced he can communicate through a voice like Macintalk, which is the first bot to have this funtion.
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