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Armor: 27/100 (48/100 in Powerdrive Mode)

Power: 76/100 (151/100 in Powerdrive Mode)

Intelligence: 56/100 (110/100 in Powerdrive Mode)

Speed: 89/100 (177/100 in Powerdrive Mode)

Special: 34/100 (61/100 in Powerdrive Mode)

Strength: 37/100 (65/100 in Powerdrive Mode)

Special Moves: Swift Strike, Speed Charge

Finisher: Assaulting Blow


Origin: Junkyard Scraps

Weight: 255 LBS

Announcing Line: The speedy striker, the fast hitter, prepare to face Assault!

Features: Strikeforce Core (Powerdrive Mode), Energy Sensor

Metals: Iron, Steel, Titanuim

Controller: Johnny John Johnson

Ability: Show Stopper

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Fragile Speedster

Status: Working

Height: 7' 6"

Total Wins: 23

Total Losses:

Ties: N/A Assault is a Fragile Speedster made from scraps from Junkyard Scraps. Assault, the fifth robot Johnny has, has two features. One is the Strikeforce Core. This core, when activated, increases Assault's stats to nearly double the normal stats. The other feature is the Energy Sensor. This sensor allows Assault to track and dodge the enemy by detecting energy levels and cores. Assault is a chrome-colored robot with blue LED eyes.


Johnny was walking around Junkyard Scraps when he saw an iron endoskeleton. He decided to build another robot for fighting and grabbed some scrap to build. He finished making the robot in a week and decided to name it Assault. He put it next to his other robots and went to sleep.

The First Strike

Johnny called Finn, the Crash Palace owner. He said he had built another robot and was ready to show it off. He drove to the Crash Palace and walked in with Assault. Aquabot was walking around in the ring, waiting for his opponent. Assault walked into the ring, facing Aquabot. When the bell rang, Aquabot jumped at Assault, throwing punches at his head. Assault tilted his head to dodge the hits and knocked Aquabot out of the ring, hitting his owner Arek Pekkanen. Arek tried to get up, but Aquabot was too heavy. Johnny had Assault pick up Aquabot off of Arek, freeing him. Arek thanked Johnny and forfeited the match to him.

Cashing In The Strikes

Johnny showed off Assault, who gave Johnny more money and fame.

Below are the fights and rewards from the Underworld.

Total money:$6950

Opponent Result Reward
Aquabot Win $500
Bluebot Win $500
Metro Win $700
Six Shooter Win $600
Blacktop Win $600
Fat Boy Win $600
Blockbuster Win $750
Bio War Win $750
Hollowjack Win $800
Midas Win

$1200, The King

of the Underworld


Striking The WRB

The WRB heard about Assault and called Johnny about adding Assault into the WRB. Johnny said he would fight Blac Jac for entering Assault into the WRB even though he was already a WRB controller. The bell rang and Blac Jac threw a punch at Assault. However, Johnny activated Powerdrive Mode and 5 seconds later, Blac Jac was a pile of scrap. Assault won the match. Below are the fights Assault fought in the WRB.

Total money: $45000

Opponent Result Reward
Blac Jac Win $2500
Abandon Win $2500
Cosmobot Win $2500
Sun Wukong Win $2500
Hattori 2.0 Win $2500
Nitro Win $2500
Excavator Win $3000



Win $3000
Touchdown Win $3000
Tackle Win $4500
Steampunk Win $4500
Twin Cities Loss N/A
Twin Cities(rematch) Win $5500
Zeus Loss N/A
Zeus(rematch) Win

$6500, Champion

of the WRB

Attack On Custom Bots

Assault defeated Zeus. He is the Champion of the WRB, and now fights custom bots.

Below are the custom bot fights Assault fought in.

Opponent Result Reward


-Assault became a Fragile Speedster because a thief stole some metal plating that was originally armor for Assault.

-The Strikeforce Core was created by fusing two cores and a motherboard together.

-The Energy Sensor was designed by military experts for finding enemies and weapon attacks such as rockets.

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