Bakker, controlling Midas.

"Don't you run from me! You can't run from me!"

Artie Bakker is the owner of Midas.


Artie is a bald man who is in his middle ages. He has a beard and a Midas shirt. He has an eyepatch which leads some to believe he has only one eye. However, after defeating Noisy Boy, he rips the eyepatch off as he screams in happiness. During this moment, you can see he has two eyes that are fine.


Bakker, as he appears in the WRB game.


  • It is unclear why he wears an eyepatch since his eyes are both fine, although it is possible that he is supposed to be missing an eye, but the filmmakers could not find a way to make it looks like the actor was missing an eye, so they made the scene quick so that you cannot see that his eye is still there.
  • He, just like Charlie, is very observant while Midas fights.
  • In the Xbox 360 game, he is known as Artire Bakker.
  • In the WRB mobile game, he appears to have hair and looks much younger than in the film.
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