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Armadillo (full pic)

Armadillo (full pic)

Close-up on chest

Close-up on chest

Title:The Armored Menace

Generation:heavily upgraded 3.5


Bot Type:Demolisher


Announcers Quote:Sailing from Singapore,The Armored Menace,ARMADILLO!!



Owner (& creator):Ryan Smith

Special Moves:ClawFight,The Finisher

Special Feature:Olluminium Hidraulics







Vs Metro WIN 25000$ (The Zoo)

Vs CosmoBot LOSS 1000$ (San Leandro)

Vs Albino WIN 10000$ (CrashPalace)

Vs SixShooter WIN 6500$ (Lone Star)

Vs Abandon LOSS 2000$ (CrashPalace)

Vs Midas WIN 68000$+Title of the UW (CrashPalace)

Vs Gridlock WIN 15000$ (WRB)

Vs AxelRod WIN 15000$ (WRB)

Vs TouchDown WIN 20000$ (StarBlaze)

Vs SeaHawk LOSS 25000$ (StarBlaze)

Vs AfterShock (one of my upcoming bots) DRAW 20000$ each (WRB)

Vs Zeus LOSSx3 rematch-WIN 1mil.$ (WRB)


EPISODE 1:The Birth Of The Tankiest Robot On Earth

Ryan Smith, Armadillos creator, was on a vacation in Singapore. He was a big fan of the WRB. Granted, Ryan liked typical boxing a bit more, but still, he wanted to have a boxing robot, and maybe even get to the WRB at one point. And so, he manned up, and did what he promised himself not to do in the past - build a boxing robot. Then he remembered that he used to save up money at home (he wasn't certain what for, though). This has made Ryan delay the creation of the robot to when he'll get back home.

Alright, alright, I can already hear you asking, "But Simon, wasn't Armadillo created in Singapore?". And the answer is: he wasn't. Armadillo was actually created in the UK. It's just that when somebody asked Ryan where Armadillo was created, he always said that Armadillo was created in Singapore.

But anyway, back to the story. Ryan got back home and checked his savings. Ryan had 500.000$ (he was saving money for a long time). This was just enough to buy parts for the robot and build it. Ryan bought the parts, built the robot and coloured it. He thought that black and orange looked pretty good. Ryan also put a piece of glass on the chest of the newly created bot. Now all that he head to do, is give the bot a name.

Ryan decided that the robots name will be.....


EPISODE 2: Fighting Metro.

Soon (It feels incredibly good to say that again)

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