Argus V2

Name: Argus

Title/Nickname: The Sleek Greek Elite, The Captain of Crunch

Generation: 2 (now 4)

Bot Type: Fragile Speedster (now Blitz Cannon)

Armor: 53 (now 67)

Power: 27 (now 52)

Special: 20 (now 30)


Origin: Greece

Weight: 892 lbs (now 1274 lbs)

Height: 6'8" (now 7'4")

Special Feature: Hollow Frame

Signature Moves: Cyclops Underpass, Eye Stab You, Golden Punch

Opening Line:"Sailing all the way from Greece, it's the captain of crunch, Argus!"

Status: Online (not fighting)

Special Move Descriptions

Cyclops Underpass (only when an opponent throws a punch): Argus ducks under the opponent's arm, smacks him with a roundhouse and a double-handed smash. 

Eye Stab You: Left jab, right hook, double down and out backhand.

Golden Punch: Left jab (4x), right roundhouse.

Backstory and Appearance

Argus started out as a nimble bot with almost negligible armor or power. His only advantage was his incredible speed, allowing him to dodge most attacks and weave behind his opponent to knock them from behind. However, with the advent of Generation 4, Argus was completely revamped, with better stats, namely attack power and speed. Now a Blitz Cannon, his attacks are more powerful but he is still fast enough to outmaneuver most other bots and Glass Cannons, the only faster type of bot, obviously don't pose a large threat to anyone because of their insignificant power. Argus has a dull factory grey coat. He has a fairly humanoid head, reminiscent of his G2 days and still keeps a hollow frame, but using better materials. Few people know this, but Argus' fingers are actually individually movable. As of late, he hasn't really won much, yet he continues to amaze the crowd with his agility, earning him the name "The Sleek Greek Elite". 

Argus is currently controlled by Barnabus Arc, Harold Arc's 34-year-old son.

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