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​For this page, the writer (Tribound) is going to use Argon instead of Argonne.

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​Argon, also may be called Argonne, is a custom-made robot of Blake Herman.

Statistics of Argon

​Name: Argon "The Raging Horde"

Created: November 2026

Owned by: Blake Herman

Power Card

Power - 97/100

Strength - 92/100

Speed - 89/100 (99/100 when running)

Special - 88/100

Intel - 100/100

Armor - 87/100

Weight - 1100 lbs

​Special Skills and Moves

Lock and Load - Argon punches the opponent on the head, and then elbows it. This is basically a weak-health ripoff move. If not ripped off, Argon proceeds to bring down the opponent and barrage it with punches.

Pressured Knock - Argon charges its right fist and delivers a charged punch on the opponent's body.

Cyclone Shock - Argon spins while delivering punches to the opponent. (Pro Tip - Look up Shadow Fight 2 Krises animation)

Redirectory - Argon redirects power to a specified arm. Sometimes a really risky move, Redirectory may or may not de-power the power source (the original arm).

Rocket Fist - Argon charges up and charges the opponent with two fists.

Wraith - Argon jumps off a rope and delivers a heavy punch to the opponent.

Scissor Flip - Argon utilizes a scissor flip to the head.

Anti-Metal Pace - Argon activates AMP to dodge almost every attack of the opponent.

Ghostly Knuckles - Argon utilizes the Windwalker back-body to dash around the opponent while hitting the enemy. (If you cannot visualize this, think of Ghost Face's Warp Kill in URF.)

Retribution - Argon overclocks itself and powers up every single part of its body, dealing three times more damage than usual. Secure locks of this move's code prevents this from being copied, while being easily coded between Blake's robots.

Special Features

GSTONE Copychip & Sonar - A staple across Blake's robots.

Magnet-proof Armor - A layer of magnetic material is coated around Argon. With this, magnets will just stick to the layer and not mess up Argon's fight.

Custom Dode-Core Power Supply - 12 cores supply constant, powerful power for Argon. 12 cores are also more than enough to execute Retribution.

Windwalker Back-Body - Argon's back enables it to run really fast at times.

Rip-proof Head - Argon cannot be ripped off. At least on the head.

Argon S1


All was boring. At least, for the legend Blake himself. The very owner of Drazi who made waves.

Now, he was bored. With nothing to do, he planned on making another robot. As what he would always do, he started up his Porsche, drove to Worobo, and bought a couple of scrap and parts. He came back, and now, it was time for him to work.

"Project - Ruby was on my head all the time. Drazi was a success. Now, I will make even bigger differences," said Blake when he was interviewed about a rumor that he is creating a new 'bot.

That robot was Project Ruby, as he already said.

As the superior handler and builder he was, he started planning out the robot. His sketchpad was full, as always. His 3D computer program? Same thing. It was also full.

For a while, Blake inspected Rapye. Rapye was just slightly overhauled two weeks before he started getting the first scrap of Ruby.

He scribbled down: Copychip, sonar scanner, get some diamonds, and buy a script module.

He would then go back to Worobo, and get all the things he noted.

Blake returned home and continued on Ruby. He gave it a maroon look, with a shiny, gemstone-ish like reflection. He slightly adjusted some bits and pieces.

Weeks passed and Blake was finished.

By this point, he would change the robot's name.

Blake was interviewed after a WRB match about his new robot. "Argon. The Raging Horde. They better watch out. I'm back."


As what Blake would always do, he went to Crash Palace and registered Argon. And, for like the (infinity)st time, Aquabot stood first in Blake's way.

"It was a breeze. I am used to beating up Aquabot anyway. But, I am really surprised that Aquabot got repaired all the time. Props to them," Blake said after the fight, while praising the repair team of Aquabot.

That should give a quick perspective of Aquabot's beating. Poor Aquabot.

Finn was not surprised, though. As a friend of Blake, he expected obliteration. So, he proceeded to register another fight. This time, it was a little bit tougher.

Bio War was straight up next. This was a little tough for Blake. It seemed that Blake put a little too less armor on Argon. And by that, Argon took a whole lot of beating.

Armor aside, Argon still won. Finn dismissed Blake to give him time to repair Argon.

One week later, and Argon was better. Its next Palace fight would be against Gambit. At this point, Gambit was on a roll. To be exact, Gambit is on a four win streak.

Argon and Gambit brawled. Gambit first dominated the first moments of the fight. Argon, though, had landed a number of hits on Gambit's cheeks.

After the first round, both robots had equal amounts of damage.

Round Two. Argon proceeded to throw Gambit to the ground, and proceeded to launch a barrage of punches. Here, Gambit couldn't stand up, but Argon continued to finish off its opponent.

It was enough money for Blake. He would rest for three days and face the Gold Blooded Killer himself, Midas.

Blake said, "Artie sure is excited."

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