Name: Aquabot

Nickname: The Diver Bot

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Fragile Speedster

Status: Online. Rebuilt

Owner: Arek Pekkanen

Origin: Finland


Not much is known about Aquabot. He can be seen practicing his punches with his owner before Charlie speaks with Finn. He got his nickname "The Diver Bot" because he does low punches.

Announcer's Quote: "From the icy waters of the Atlantic, the Destroyer from the Deep! Aquabot!"


Armor: 20/100

Power: 40/100

Speed: 40/100

Durability: 56/100

WRB Stats:

Health: 2700

Power: 208

Special: 27

80 Stars


Origin: Finland

Ability: Shock And Awe

Weight: 926 LBS

Height: 7'8"

Feature: Ballast Gloves

Special Moves:

1.- Depth Charge (Original)

2.- Super Depth Charge (Touchdown)

3.- Ultra Depth Charge (Twin Cities)


Aquabot's cylinder-shaped head is like a giant can with binoculars and he has a brown coloration on the chest and blue on his shoulder. Judging from his his appearance, he is mostly made of scraps. His fragile body cannot take a devastating hit because it can destroy this robot. For example, Noisy Boy's "Southpaw Pain Revolution" can flatten this robot's body.

Fighting Style

Real-Steel-031 610

Aquabot as seen in the movie

Aquabot always does a swift, low position attack then rises up with a devastating uppercut which can knock out an opponent.

Real Steel Game

Real Steel IOS

He is one of the first available fighter for free in Real Steel IOS. He is the weakest bot in defense but has decent attack. Sadly, his attack is still weak, so he won't be able to do enough damage to bots with high armor.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Aquabot card

Aquabot's Card in Real Steel WRB

He is an UW II contender. He is unlocked by spending 180,000 Real Silver coins to buy him or winning him from Daily Exhibition.


  • He has sea/ocean-based colors, hence his name.
  • He often throws low, curved, diving punches, which could be how he got his nickname, "the Diver Bot from the Deep".
  • In 2017, a poster states that Aquabot and Noisy Boy fought each other for the WRB title.
  • In Real Steel WRB, if a player successfully performs Aquabot's Rip Off, there will be a delay before his win animation plays. This is fixed in Real Steel: Champions.
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