Name: Anubis

Title: The Golden Jackal

Weight: 972 LBS

Height: 8'4

Special Feature: Underworld Battlerage

Special Move: Underworld Strike

Super Underworld Strike

Ultra Underworld Strike


  • Anubis comes out of a sarcophagus in his intro. The same sarcophagus reappears if he wins.
  • A bug made Anubis' forearms protrude from the sarcophagus in his intro (this was patched). This is probably because of a clipping error.
  • Anubis dismembers his opponent's RIGHT LEG in his Rip Off. As for the opponent's head, Anubis literally pulls it off of the rest of the robot.
  • When Anubis gets a Special Finish, the camera glitches during his win animation. When Anubis gets a Rip Off, the camera is normal.
  • He has one of the shortest Special Move Miss Regens. His Super and Ultra Specials are even shorter because when he misses, he doesn't even swing at his opponent.
  • You can see Bio War's Platinum torso and arms from Real Steel: Champions on Anubis. Parts from another robot are seen on many superbots.
  • He has the same amount of attack and health as a 3-star Gridlock, and he has 20 more Special.
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