Anton ''The Crusher From The Crash Palace''

The Crusher is online

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Anton Lore

Antoni Nadol has very weak robots he decided that he doesn't want to lose anymore he bought ambush's head from Charlie Kenton,and got some parts from the junkyard.Then he created Anton,Antoni challenged Pinhead and won $200000.With that win Anton goes on a killing spree,going up against Grinder,Camelot,Accelrod,Metro,Midas and Atom.With those wins Antoni is very happy,he was invited to some WRB Battles going up against Fiend,Excavator,Albino,Touchdown and finally Zeus





Bot type:Annihilator


Country of Origin:Europe

Special Feature:Shadow Mode

Certificate of membership

Bot Frame:Unknown

Bot Power Core:Iso-Thor Lightning Theta

Bot Motherboard: Hyper-Custom 59 Premium






Nickname:"The Crusher of Crash Palace",''The Tormentor of Ring","The Demolisher of the Palace","The Sleeping Ginger to the Robot WRB''

Opening LIne:The Tormentor of Ring,You Know He Wins...Another Bot to be Crushed by ANTON!!!!!!!!

Ending Line: Another Bot Crushed to Pieces,now that is Sparta My Determined like ANTON!!!!!!

Control Methods: Underworld

Fight Records

vs Pinhead Won $200000

vs Grinder Loss $0

vs Grinder rematch (ripped head off) Won $20000

vs Camelot Won $20000

vs Accelrod (ripped right leg off) Won $40000

vs Metro Won $300000

vs Midas (ripped head off) Won $20000

vs Atom Loss $0

vs Atom Won $500000


vs Fiend Won $40000

vs Albino (ripped head off)Won $30000

vs Excavator Won $6000

vs Touchdown Won $30000

vs Zeus Win Won 600000

Special Moves/Rip Offs

Torment Determination:Anton Punches the opponents head 7 times then hurls the opponent into the air and kicks the torso

Terrorist Crazyness:Anton Spins Punches the opponents head 10 times and then kicks the head

Slam Strike:Anton Slams the opponent into the ground then Rips Off the Legs then pulls the head off the body

Pussy Rage:Anton Slams the Head then the torso then Rips the Left leg then Slams the opponent off the ring

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